Make the perfect DIY Flower Planter Boxes for your porch or deck!  When I have a vision in my head and I can’t find what I want at stores OR I refuse to pay the price tag…I make it!  You can make it too!  I promise they are really, really easy!  Seriously for these, you cut wood to length, make pocket holes with a Kreg Jig and Screw together.  Really…that’s it!

How to make your own Flower Boxes at

I made these for my mom for Christmas actually.  She is a big flower person and her house front and back are always overflowing with beautiful flowers.  We made these for her back deck to go on both sides of their patio door!  I decided on a bright, cheerful yellow to paint them!

I followed the ever so lovely Ana White’s plans which you can find right here.  They are very straight forward and awesome directions.  If you have any questions about how to use a Kreg jig…well you can click there to see my post that I just wrote!  It’s easier than you think as well!

Here are my notes:

  • Don’t get your board and make all your measurements and then cut on the lines.  They won’t be correct unless you account for your blade thickness in your measurements.  The easiest way I found is to measure, cut, measure cut, etc.  If that makes your skin crawl then you will love this video here on how I use a scrap piece of wood to help me make the same cuts over and over without measuring again.
  • Be an assembly line.  Cut all your wood.  Then drill all the pocket holes.  You get in a rhythm and it flies by…I promise!
  • Use self tapping screws!  They do the hard work for you!  They literally pull the boards together for you!  Super awesome!
  • You can either line the bottom of the planters with weed fabric to keep the dirt in or you can also find pots that fit inside!  That’s what my mom did!  She found the perfect plastic pots to just set inside so in the fall she just takes the pots out and takes the planters inside.
  • You will need to either paint or stain your boxes!  I adore the yellow I picked out but I also recommend Thompson’s WaterSeal.  It’s stain and seal in one!  Yay!  You know I love multi-tasking products!

Make sure to take your favorite shopper with you to The Home Depot to get your supplies!  It makes the trip totally interesting!

DIY Flower Boxes

Get to cutting!

How to make Flower Planter Boxes at

Drill your pocket holes using your Kreg Jig.  Two pocket holes for each side of your boards.  If you only drill one hole, your board will “spin” when you go to screw them to the flower box posts.

How to Drill Pocket Holes using a Kreg Jig

Get to assembling!  I did not add the finials as the plans called for.  I liked them just the way they were!

Make your Own Flower Boxes wtih

Next I primed and painted the boxes and ended up with these beauties!  Here are what they start out as:

DIY Flower Boxes tutorial at

And then after my mom works her green thumb magic you get something bloomingly beautiful like this!

DIY Planter Boxes tutorial at

Wouldn’t these look beautiful on YOUR front porch or on YOUR back patio?  I am seriously thinking I need to make some to go with the Pergola!

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