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Oh my heavens.  This Hot & Cold Coffee Treat is by far one of my most favorite ways to enjoy a cup of joe!  The hot coffee with the cold ice cream, topped with Salted Caramel Mocha with a touch of coarse sea salt on top is a party in your mug!

Hot & Cold Salted Caramel Mocha Dessert Recipe

This is one of my most favorite ways to enjoy some coffee in the afternoons!  It’s a delightful change to a regular cup of coffee for an afternoon pick me up!  This also is a wonderful after dinner dessert!  I highly recommend pinning this and planning it for your next dinner party!  Or Tuesday for that matter, it is that delicious!

Hot & Cold Dessert Recipe 7

You only need a few ingredients!  Strong Coffee, Vanilla Ice Cream, International Delight Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee Creamer.  Sea salt and some tasty butter cookies or biscotti is optional!

Hot & Cold Dessert Recipe 6

I brew my coffee on my Keurig strong.   For me it’s the smallest setting they have which is 4 ounces.  I fill a mug or cute dessert dish with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream.  I top with about 3 tablespoons or so of the the HOT coffee.  The hot coffee melts the ice cream and it’s just amazing!  Then I top with about a teaspoon of the creamer.  You can really do this with any flavor, I just adore the Salted Caramel Mocha flavor for this!  Then I top with a pinch of sea salt and garnish with a cute butter cookie.  The flavors just blend so nicely while still being able to taste them all individually as well has experiencing the hot and cold sensations!  it’s amazing!

Hot & Cold Dessert Recipe 2

What is your favorite way to enjoy a cup of coffee?  I encourage you to head over to International Delights Website and Create Your Own Masterpiece!  You can also sign up for their Member Delights program and receive free coupons!


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