This really isn’t a recipe persay…more of a revelation

One evening as Freddy and I were getting ready to enjoy our “Thank Goodness The Kids are in Bed, Let’s have a Drink!” drink…horror struck!  We are out of regular coke.  AHHHHHH!!!!   He drinks diet…I drink regular!  I despise diet.   So he will get to enjoy his rum and diet and I am left high and dry???  I don’t think so! Being the resourceful Engineer/Mommy (or just booze lover) I am, I improvised with a rum & root beer.  DELICIOUS!  So then I got to thinking why not go all the way with this delicousness?!  Enter my Adult Root Beer Floats!

What you need:

  • 2 oz Rum (I used Captain Morgan)
  • Root beer
  • Ice cream

Make a root beer float as normal just adding the rum!  You can add as much or as little rum as you want but I make “Cheryl Drinks” so I may or may not have just eyeballed a GENEROUS amount of Captain Morgan in my float!


It was a pure awesomeness.  You know what they say?  When life gives you empty regular Coke bottles…make rum soaked root beer floats!  Okay…maybe they don’t say that, maybe just I do! 

*Best when Root beer is cold!  Mine wasn’t, hence the very milky looking float pictures…didn’t matter though it was still delicious!