Oh Valentine’s Day…how you bring so much love and so much work, lol! If you have kids you are no stranger to the chores that go along with this lovable day!  These Free Valentine You Rock Free Printable Valentines are sure to make your life a bit easier!

Note:  This valentine is not meant for young children who still might put things in their mouths.  These little rocks can be a choking hazard!

Free Printable Valentine You Rock Valentine
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After you make the Valentine’s Day Mailbox…you are left with the task of class valentines.  My kids’ school does not allow any food items to be attached to valentines due to food allergies.  So this Non-Candy Valentine Idea is perfect!  With some simple supplies, you can make these in a flash!

For your convenience, I have included links to supplies!

Valentine You Rock Free Printable Valentine Supplies:

Non Candy Valentine Idea at www.thatswhatchesaid.com

For the small rocks, I picked up this bag of rocks at Dollar Tree.  It is meant to be used as vase filler.  These work perfectly.  You can also use rocks out of your yard, just be sure they are small and clean!   Pick out some rocks and using the red paint marker (or red paint and a small paintbrush), paint hearts or “xo” on the rocks and let dry.

While the rocks dry, print off the Valentine You Rock Free Printable on white cardstock.  {downloaded version will not have watermark}

Valentine You Rock Free Printable at www.thatswhatchesaid.com

I use the HP Envy 5540 Wireless All-In-One Printer and signed up for HP Instant Ink.  I highly recommend this!    Never run out of ink at 11 pm when you have to print out your kids report, or when you have to print these valentines out the night before your child’s class party…because let’s face it…#procrastinatorsunite.

Using scissors, cut around the hearts.  You can use regular scissors or you can also use decorative scissors if you’d like!   You can have your child sign their name either on the back of the hearts or at the bottom near the point of the heart.

Using hot glue, glue the rocks to the valentine!

Non Candy Valentine Idea with Free Printables at www.thatswhatchesaid.com

Non Candy Valentine Ideas at www.thatswhatchesaid.com

There you have a fun non-candy idea!  My boys, who LOVE rocks, love these valentines!

Free Valentine Printable at www.thatswhatchesaid.com


You Rock Valentine

You Rock Valentine

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Non Candy Valentine You Rock Free Printable at www.thatswhatchesaid.com