Love Notes Frame + Free Printable! Perfect for a family Valentine activity from

Love Notes Frame + Free Printable

This simple Love Notes Frame + Free Printable has been such a fun activity in our house.  It might possibly be the the easiest thing I have done that has been so rewarding for myself and my kids!  Print the printable, add a frame and grab a dry erase marker!  The love and affirmations do good for your soul…and your small people’s words to you mean just as much as yours to them!

Love Notes Frame + Free Printable from Print off the background, add to a frame and express you love this Valentine's Day!

Who doesn’t love to hear what people love about you?  As much as some might deny it, positive affirmations are amazing!  I feel as families we are so comfortable with each other and we know we “have” to love each other that we sometimes don’t give the love each deserves.

That was my nice way of saying I live in a house of boys.  A husband, 3 small man children and a boy dog.  Most days it is like a frat house up in here.   There is lots of yelling.  Lots of rough housing.  Lots of name calling (poop head, butt face, etc.).  Everything is sticky and more than not…smelly.

I love you because Free Printable 8 x 10

I made this printable and placed it in a frame I already had on hand.  I made an 8 x 10 both in portrait and landscape orientation and also a 5 x 7 size in both directions so hopefully you have an extra frame you can use around the house as well.

Manicure in a Jar + Free Printable at

Manicure in a Jar Gift Idea + Printable | 100+ Gift Ideas

Today is a fun day today!  I am part of a huge group of amazing bloggers who joined forces with Kristen Duke in her Birthday Celebration Week!   Over 100 of my talented blogger friends are sharing lots of inexpensive birthday gift ideas and free printables, including my Manicure in a Jar + Free Printable Birthday Tag!

Manicure in a jar Birthday Gift Idea at

Birthdays are so much fun and I LOVE celebrating and we really don’t celebrate with fun gifts as much as we get older!  Here is a super inexpensive one that you will be proud to give to girlfriends to celebrate their special day!

Supplies Needed:

I picked everything up at my local dollar store!  Including the mason jar!  The ribbon & cotton balls  I already had at home but they have ribbon and cotton balls too!  :)  Pick any small assortment of nail goodies to fill your jar!

Manicure in a Jar Supplies

I unwrapped them and placed them inside the jar.  I filled the void space at the top with the cotton balls so nothing would hit against the glass jar.

Handmade Gift Ideas at

Then I added some ribbon around the jar lid and then printed off the birthday tag and attached with some twine.

Printable Free Birthday Gift Tag at

This couldn’t be easier and it’s a thoughtful gift that is inexpensive so you can give one to all your special girls!!  How nice would it be to receive a cute package like this on your birthday??

Handmade Gifts in Jars at

As for the other creative ideas, a lot of these gifts are versatile for any occasion, and can be a to gift to your friends, family, or even that gal that you’d like to get to know better. Even more fabulous–most gifts are under $5, and have coordinating printables to make it super simple!

101 Birthday Ideas for Friends

{Blog Hop Birthday designs by C {dot} love}

Are you ready for some inspiration? Join in on the BLOG HOP! Click on each of links below each collage to see the gift idea and printable closer, along with instructions on how to make them, like mine above. I like to open a bunch of new tabs, and Pin my favorites for later. Don’t forget to follow the Birthday Gift Ideas Pinterest Board as well, to save future great ideas.

Swim Teacher Thank You Gift Free Printable at

Swim Coach Thank You Gift Free Printable

I am over at Today’s Creative Blog sharing how easy it is to whip up a Swim Coach Thank You Gift + Free Printables.


I love to acknowledge the work teachers do with my kids.  Even though I am paying for swim lessons and the teachers are getting paid by the pool, I like to show my personal appreciation when the teachers take my kids, teach them and get to know them on a personal level.  When my boys look forward to telling their teachers funny things that happened and showing off their skills to them, I know they are bonding with them personally and I love that!

You can make these in a matter of minutes and be sure to scroll down to print off your free copy of the thank you poem gift tag!

Swim Teacher Thank You Gift Free Printable at

Free Kid's Activity Printable at

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt | Free Printable

If you love to be outside as much as we do, I have a simple, FUN, little activity to do with your kids…or better yet print this out and send them out to do it while you enjoy some iced tea in fun mason jars :)  My Outdoor Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable is fun for all ages!

Free Kid's Activity Printable at

Who is happy for nicer weather!  I know, I know…I keep talking about it but seriously…it seemed like winter was going to last ALL. YEAR. LONG. here.  I was majorly needing some sunshine and warmer temperatures to boost my spirit!  There’s nothing like being nauseous for 3 months and then being told your rear end is huge by your three year old to get you into a winter funk.  So happy the sunshine and natural Vitamin D has come to the rescue!

We are outside a lot.  I mean really…I did build a Pergola after all!  We love to be outside and my kids do too and before I start complaining about it being TOO HOT here in the midwest…we are fully taking advantage of this beautiful weather!  The kids love to ride their bikes and scooters and they LOVE to take walks each night when Daddy walks Murphy.

Bike Ride

While we walk I like to help the kids be aware of all the awesome things in the world around them.  Since we are outdoors…my Outdoor Scaveger hunt was born.  The boys love finding the items, checking them off and answering the questions!  I am sharing this free printable download so you too can have your own scavenger hunt!  You will be surprised at how much you can actually talk about with them just using this simple sheet as a starting point.  Different conversations each day as well!  I love it!

Scooter Ride

Soon we will be get to push a new baby around on our walks and Ryan is SO EXCITED to put on his “Big Brother Hat” and “teach” the baby all about things on our walks!  I love it!