Originally published 8/15/2015 and updated  8/8/2018

I was recently mom shamed because I voiced that I was really looking forward to my kids being back in school.   I wrote this post a few years ago and while my kids are older now and Spangenbaby doesn’t nap, most still all holds true and their growing age has also added a few more plot twists in comparison to then.

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Looking forward to the First day of school doesn’t make you a bad mom.  It makes you honest about how damn hard it is to be a mom sometimes.  It’s only a snapshot of one point in time where your patience and sanity are both running on empty.

As a small business owner who works from home, summer break can be an incredibly challenging and chaotic time with three boys.

Trying to work with three kids at home is like cleaning your kitchen and then blending a smoothie without the blender lid on.  A complete shit show most days.

Do I love my kids? Yes!  Do I know they are little only once?  Yes!  Do I still look forward to school starting? YES!

Here is what I wrote in 2015 and this all still stands:


My newsfeed is exploding with first day of school posts.  I personally love them.  I love seeing the bright smiles and the new shoes and the first day of school outfits and the adorable stats.  You know the stats like I do for my boys.  How old, how many lost teeth, what they want to be when they grow up.  You know what I am talking about.

First Day of School Picture with Written stats.

First day of school photo with child's stats

I also love the first day of school posts because that means my kids will start school soon too.  Yep, I am THAT mom.  I love my kids.  I adore my kids.  I have run around this summer like a crazy person trying to fit in every fun activity and snow-cone I could manage.  I am tired.

Picture of mom with 3 kids at the poolMom with three boys selfie picture while strawberry picking
Mom with three boys in front of fountain's waterfallSmiling at the School picinic, mom with three boys


I am also tired of playing referee.  Tired of bickering brothers.  Tired of “Mom, {insert kid name here} won’t give me this…or that…!”  Tired of no routine or schedule.  Tired of fart smells.  Seriously.   Three sons, a husband, and boy dog.  I need some fresh air.  I look forward to a moment of silence while Spangenbaby naps.  I like having a moment to clean the house and have it stay that way for more than 0.2 seconds.  I like being able to hear my own thoughtsOr make a phone call.  Or not answer 1,729,059 Questions.  Questions I have to google because I don’t even know how long a Manatee lives or what sassafras looks like?

I am looking forward to not having the tune of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing over and over in my brain.  The song you can’t get out of your head.  I will replace with something like Baby Got Back or something equally inappropriate.  Why?  Because I can!

So yes, I am that mom.

I will not be the one sobbing as Ryan starts Kindergarten and Michael 3rd grade.  I will be the one doing a small dance in the parking lot or at the bus stop and then be heading straight to Starbucks for a Momma Treat!  (only because it’s not socially acceptable to have a glass of wine, which would be my first choice)

I will not stand outside the door watching through the window.  I will be driving away.  Fast.

I will not email their teachers 4 times throughout the day to check in.  I will be throwing crap away in their room while they are not there enjoying their absence.

I will, however, thank their teachers.  I will appreciate when my small people get home.  I will look forward to hearing all about their day and I will enjoy that we each had some time to ourselves!  A bit of distance DOES make the heart grow fonder in my house.

It’s OK if you are the mom who will be a mess.  It’s also OK if you are the mom who is not.

There are so many tear-jerking posts going around about the first day of school and if you are like me, you start to wonder if there is something wrong with you for not being so broken up about it?  Am I a bad mom because I want my kids in school?  NO!  My kids thrive in school environments.  They love it, I love it.  There is nothing wrong with being the mom who looks forward to school starting.

I know these moments are fleeting.  I know they are not little forever. I am aware there are only 940 Saturdays between their birth and leaving for college. I get it.  I have enjoyed every single moment with them this summer and have soaked in every single moment but now i am ready to not be with them every single moment.  I have had so much fun with them.  Now I am ready for them to have some fun at school.

Trust me, I understand and we can form a club.  A vote for a unicorn or mermaid as our mascot, we can drink our coffee hot, take a nap and wile will be served at every meeting regardless of meeting time!

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