As the new school year approaches, a new dilemma for parents arises…what to do with all the artwork that comes home!  These Artwork Keepers are a perfect way to safely house those projects you just aren’t ready to part with yet!

Easy to Make Artwork Keepers to coral all the masterpieces your child brings home this s chool year

There is nothing more precious than some of your child’s early artwork from school, but sometimes with the papers and projects and artwork there is just so much!  These artwork keepers are the perfect way to save your child’s projects until you decide to keep it or do something else with it!  {more on that soon!}

Completed Artwork Keepers ready to be filled with the school year's work!

These artwork keepers are inexpensive but get the job done and they can be decorated by your child so they are artwork in themselves!

Supplies Needed for Artwork Keepers:

  • Poster board
  • Fun Duck Tape
  • Basic Craft Supplies of your choice (markers, paint, glitter, stickers, etc.)
  • Yardstick Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cute Little Artists

*I recommend checking out your local Dollar Store.  They have everything you need!  Poster boards in white and fun colors, tapes, and they also have TONS of great art supplies to use including paints, stickers, glitter and poster letters!

Artwork Keeper supplies - paint, paint brushes, duck tapes, stickers

Folding a poster board is not the easiest task.  You don’t get a crisp fold, so I recommend laying the poster board down with the longest edge on top and measuring the center.

Measure and mark the halfway point on your poster board

Using a long ruler, cut the posterboard in half vertically.   (most are 28 inches so I cut at the 14” mark)

Cut Poster Board in Half

Figure which side has the bar code sticker and that will be your inside of your artwork keeper.  Let the kids have fun decorating the good sides of the poster boards.  I got paint and some big letter stickers for them this year.

Tempera Paint to use to decorate the artwork keepers

Kids Decorating their poster board pieces for their artwork keepers

Applying Stickers to Label his Artwork Keeper

Once they are done decorating,  you will assemble the artwork keepers using the duck tape.  I like to do the bottom (long edge) first and then the sides.  Lie the posterboards down (right side down) and apply the tape equally covering each side.

Artwork Keepers-10

Artwork Keepers-11

Fold that extra over and around.  Repeat on the other side of the poster boards.

Artwork Keepers-12

Next repeat on the side edges.  I snip off the top of the folded tape with some scissors.  Artwork Keepers-15

Artwork Keepers-16

I also like to write on their name, age, grade and the school year.  I keep one of these for each of their school years.

Completed Artwork Keepers ready to be filled with the school year's work!

TIP: These slide in between the wall and my refrigerator perfectly!  Great place to store them! 

This is a great way to either store and keep their work throughout their school years or even just to house the artwork before you decide what stays and what goes.

Completed DIY Artwork Keeprs

Some other fun projects are these Duck Tape Clip Boards and these fun monogram cinch sacks.    Also check out my great tip on how to easily clean a paint brush!

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