School started in our area and each year I post these photos of my boys and I always get so many questions from friends & blog readers alike on how to add text to photos!  I have Photoshop and use that however I realize not everyone has it nor do they even care to use it!  So today, I will show you how to add text to photos without Photoshop, using an absolutely free online tool that anyone can use!

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Add text to Photos without Photoshop

This can be used for so much more than just back to school.  You can also use this tutorial for these fun Valentines or for any occasion really where you want some text on a photo…like in this birth announcement also!  Seriously…so many reasons to write on photos!  Tuesday Tips & Tricks - How to add Text to Images without photoshop

First you need a photo.  If doing back to school ones like me, I like to stick to solid backgrounds so the words show up easily and I am not fighting for space or so it is easy to read.  My garage door is white and works perfectly.  Don’t be afraid to use a room that is not obvious!  A blank wall, a closet door, walk around your house I know you have something!

First Day of School 2016-1

Next we are going to upload it to our computers and remember the location you uploaded it.   {wink}

Now we will open  PicMonkey is the free online software that we will use to add text.  Since it lives on the web, you don’t have to download anything to your computer (and they also just came out with a phone app!  Yay!)   Click on Edit.

Open PicMonkey

A box will open up asking you where you want to upload your image from.  This is where you will need to remember where you have it.   You will probably use either “From My Computer” or “Facebook”.  I selected “From My Computer” and it opened up my files and I selected my image I wanted to work with.

Hover over Edit and then choose where to upload image from

So after you select your image it will open to a screen like this:

Select Image and Upload

On the LEFT, you will select the TEXT tool (Tt)

Select Image and Upload

That will open up some options where you can select your font, add a text box and add your text.  Select Font Type, Click Add Text, Type in Text

Then you can use the Text Box to style your fonts. You can center, resize, change color etc.

Use Text Box to style text and change font size

When you are finished you will want to click Save.

click save to save your new image

You can then give you image a name, change the dimensions if you wish to make it larger or smaller and then save.

Saving Options - How to add text to photos

Now you are fully equipped on how to add text to photos without Photoshop! Yay! I also did a quick screencast for those who prefer that versus the written tutorial!

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