This large Envelope Valentine Box is easy to make and perfect to personalize for your child for their classroom party!  Easily customize it with so many designs from Cricut Design Space!

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Three Large Envelopes made with the Cricut Maker to use as Valentine Boxes to collect class Valentines
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I used my Cricut Maker today to whip up this super cute Envelope Valentine Box.  In fact, it was so easy that I made two more!

You can whip one up equally as fast when you use my project in the Cricut Community.

You can find them here:  Robot Valentine Envelope, Owl Valentine Envelope, Koala Valentine Envelope.  Be sure to click “customize” so you can add your child’s name.  Finished size of these is 11.5″ x 10″ so big enough to hold an entire class worth of Valentine Cards!


Additional Valentine Box Embellishment Supplies:




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How to Make Envelope Valentine Boxes:

First, let’s open the file in Design Space.  Everything is already sized to utilize the 12 x 24 size of cardstock.  Let’s walk through the envelope and then we will discuss the assembly of each of the characters of our Valentine Boxes!

Click Make it in the upper right-hand corner.

You will get a pop up at the top of the screen telling you that your designs are outside of the 12 x 12 size and Design Space will bump up your mat size to the 12 x 24.  Click OK because we want the larger size!

Cricut Design Space Screenshot of Warning to increase mat size

Click continue on the Mat Screen. (Note: if you are using Iron on in any of the embellishments bellow, make sure to Mirror those mats)

The first mat to cut will be the envelope insert.  For this piece of our project, we will score, write with the Cricut Pens AND cut the piece of cardstock.  Cricut Design Space will have you insert the Pen and the Scoring Wheel first after you connect your machine and select your material.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot of showing which tools to add to the Maker Carriage

Load your mat and click the Cricut C button!

Cricut Maker with Scoring Wheel and Pen in Carriage

When it’s finished writing and scoring it will have you replace the scoring wheel with the fine tip blade.

Cricut Design Space Screenshot telling you to replace rotary wheel with fine point blade

Click the “C” and it will proceed to cut the designed envelope insert out.

Image of Cardstock on Blue mat that has been scored, written on and now cut with the Cricut Maker

The mat with your envelope body on it will need to be a 12 x 24 mat since we are using the 12 x 24 cardstock.  I like the blue mat the best for cardstock.  This mat we will also score and cut.

You can find a detailed tutorial on using the scoring wheel here.

To assemble the envelope we will need both hot glue and a tape runner!  Fold the envelope along the score lines as well as the insert.  Use a tape runner on the back of the insert and line the fold of the insert up with the fold of the envelope flap and adhere it centered.

Adhere insert into envelope with tape runner

Use hot glue to seal up the sides of the envelope.

Thin lines of hot glue up the sides of the valentine envelope

Place the decal on the tip of the flap (gear with heart or hearts depending on design) with hot glue and then add a velcro dot to the overhanging part and then to the envelope.

Fasten Heart and velcro to envelope flap

Thread some ribbon through the ribbon slots and then tie a knot or bow!  You then have a cute Envelope Valentine Box perfect for all those cute printable Valentine’s day cards!

Inserting Valentines into the Envelope Valentine Box

Obviously we need to decorate these all cute and of course personalize them with your child’s name.

How to Cut and Assemble the Characters and Embellishments:

Single layer embellishments I applied using hot glue.  Easy as that.


DIY Robot Valentine Box

I cut the Robot from gray felt and used the rotary blade and FabricGrip mat.  When you select felt as your material, Cricut Design Space will suggest you use the fine point blade.  I have found the rotary blade to work much better.  You can find a detailed tutorial on using the rotary blade with felt here.

I glued the robot with the white heart right onto the envelope.

Robot Character on a DIY Valentine Envelope

I cut the gear and the name out of Corrugated Cardstock and used the fine point blade.  Adhered with hot glue.

Red Valentine Envelope with Robot on it Perfect for class parties


Purple Envelope Valentine Box with Owl decoration

I cut the Owl and back hearts design from patterned iron on and the face from black iron on.  Did you know you can use iron on with cardstock?  You sure can!

Owl Valentine Box

Weed the excess iron on and apply using your EasyPress 2 and mat.

You can find the recommended settings here. 

I added the eyes, feathers, and wings and then applied the black face, ears and feet with my EasyPress.

EasyPress 2 with iron on and cardstock

Back of purple envelope valentine box with owl be yours on it with cardstock and patterened iron on


I cut the Koala from gray felt the same method as the robot above.  I used black iron on and my EasyPress 6 x 7 size with the mat to adhere the face onto the koala, same as the owl.  I then cut the bow and hearts from holographic vinyl.  I used transfer tape to apply them to the felt.

You certainly can add vinyl to felt!  Especially in this case where we will not be washing this project at all!  I had some on hand from these awesome Unicorn Cupcake toppers and I use it any chance I can get (which is not as often as I’d prefer!)

Back of Pink Koala Valentine Box that Says Be Mine with layered hearts

Of course, I added my neighbor’s name as well as fun designs on the back!  If you don’t have Cricut Access, I recommend it!  Like how cute would a Valentine box be with these bees?!

Bee Mine Valentine Box Option in Cricut Access

With Cricut Access you get to use anything with those green a’s in the upper left corner!  This would be soo cute on one of these DIY Valentine Boxes!


DIY Personalized Envelope Valentine Boxes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.