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Easter Bunny Napkin Fold

Make your Easter Place Settings extra cute this year with these easy directions on how to make a bunny napkin fold. Fill the eggs with an after meal (or before) treat! Personalize place settings by adding vinyl or hand lettered names to the eggs!

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Whether you are hosting Easter Brunch for your entire family or you are just hunting eggs and eating bunny cinnamon rolls for breakfast with your spouse and kids these super cute Bunny Fold Napkins will be a hit at your Easter table!

Bunny Napkin Supplies:

This process is easiest with fabric napkins. I am using fabric white napkins for all four of these and then the blue and pink bunnies are using bandannas as the colored insert that I picked up in a craft store (or you can use a fabric scrap square) and the yellow and green are using paper napkins from the dollar store. I wanted to show you both ways.

How to Make Bunny Fold Napkins:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Whip up the cutest Bunny Fold Napkins, perfect for your Easter Place Setting in a few simple steps!

  1. Layer White Napkin with Colored Napkin

    Fold the bandanna if necessary to fit the white outer napkin. White cloth napkin layered with blue napkin ready for bunny fold

  2. Fold 2 opposite corners into the center

    Opposite Corners folded to center to start bunny fold

  3. Roll folded edges towards center of napkins

  4. Repeat for opposite edge

  5. Form the Bunny

    Fold both rolls over on top of each other and wrap around the plastic Easter egg. Secure with a ribbon and bow. Finished Bunny folded Napkins

Ways to Use Bunny Folded Napkins:

  • Pre-fill the egg with jelly beans or chocolates for a sweet after meal treat!
  • Use a Silhouette or Cricut to apply vinyl names so the Bunny Napkins double as place cards
  • Hand letter names or Easter Verses using a White, Silver or Gold Paint Marker



Napkins that are folded into Bunny Shapes that are perfect for your Easter Place Settings at your Easter Table.
Napkins that are folded into Bunny Shapes that are perfect for your Easter Place Settings at your Easter Table.

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