I am back with another non-candy printable Valentine card!  These Airplane Valentines’ Day cards are fun and so incredibly easy to make and a huge hit with the kids!  Grab the free printable below and make your own!

Printable Valentine Cards with Small Toy foam airplanes attached
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As most schools are now asking for class Valentine cards to be food and candy free to respect those with food allergies, non-candy valentines are more popular than ever!

Do you know what is also popular, among parents?  EASY Valentine cards!  Boxed Valentines are great and all but these are cute, fun and as simple as opening the box really so why send your kid with boxed valentines when you could send them with these fun ones?

Airplane Valentine Cards with some assembled toy foam airplanes


printable, paper cutter and packages of foam airplanes for airplane valentine cards

How to Make Airplane Valentine’s Day Cards:

Download the free printable valentine card to your home computer and print on your home printer.  I use this HP 5540 Envy to print my printables and I am signed up for Instant Ink and it’s amazeballs friends!   Because you know you will run out of ink at 11 pm when your kid’s report needs to be printed or in all honesty 11 pm the night before your kid’s Valentine’s day party and you are printing these out #procrastinatorsunite

I use my rotary paper cutter to cut these out (just outside the red border)  The paper cutter gives you nice clean straight cut lines.

Cutting printables with rotary paper cutter to get straight lines

Have your child sign the bottom in the “from” section.  Then a small dab of low-temperature hot glue or a glue dot and you can attach the foam airplanes in their package to be easily assembled later!

Assembly process of cards, printable, dab of glue and plane

I told you these were easy!

Non-Candy Airplane Valentine's Day Card


Downloading is easy!

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Airplane Valentine Card Printable

Airplane Valentine Card Printable

This download is for personal use only!



Airplane Valentine's Day Cards are the perfect non-candy Valentine idea! Print of the free download and whip these up in minutes!