These Thanksgiving Turkey Snack Bags are perfect for school parties, play dates, long holiday road trips and most importantly the kids table on Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Turkey Snack Bags!  Perfect for the Kids Thanksgiving Table!
Do you travel for Thanksgiving or do you stay local?  We are heading up North back to MN this year and I thought these cute treats would be fun to surprise the boys with these turkey snack bags along the way.

For Michael’s Halloween party we filled the gloves with just popcorn as “Spooky Hands” complete with a spider ring on the ring finger.  One was laying the table in a way that resembled the shape of a turkey and I thought “duh!”  How many cute turkey crafts have you seen where you use your child’s hand as a turkey!  I knew I could make them in snack form also!  The colored goldfish were just the ticket!

Supplies Needed for Turkey Snack Bags:

  • Clear Plastic Gloves
  • Popcorn
  • Colored Goldfish Crackers
  • Red & Orange Felt (optional)
  • Googly eyes (optional)

I just popped one of our favorite 100 calorie snack popcorn bags and when it was cool, I got to work on the turkey snack bags!  I filled the four fingers with the colored gold fish.  You could also separate colors but I didn’t have time for that!  LOL!  After that fill the palm and the thumb with popcorn!  Tie the glove at the bottom!  Voila!

I apparently did have enough time to cut a beak and gaggle out of some felt and glue them on along with a googly eye.  In my house EVERYTHING is better with googly eyes :).

Turkey Thanksgiving Snack Bags at Thanksgiving Kids Activity

There you have it!  Cute little turkey snack bags that are both festive and functional!  If you are looking for any other turkey projects, I can offer you my Turkey Napkin Rings and Turkey Place Card Holders!  You can also find all my Thanksgiving and Fall projects if you are interested!  You might want to make this awesome 3 Ingredient Pupmpkin Dip or my Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake!  Yum!

These turkey snack bags would be perfect on the kids table along with these Thanksgiving Coloring Books from Happiness is Homemade!

Thanksgiving Kids Coloring and Activity Book Free Printables

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    • Lois

      awesome !

  1. Very cute idea, friend!!

    Have a a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. These are seriously the cutest things ever (and genius!)! My kids are obsessed with handprint turkeys, so I might have to make these for them year round!

  3. Hollie Hall

    Great idea!! I now know what I’m making for give away bags for Thanksgiving!! Cute!!

  4. Shelly

    Cute! Just wondering where you find gloves without that white powdery stuff?

  5. Becky

    im looking everywhere and cannot find the clear gloves. Where do I go to get them??

    • Becky, I found mine at my local Dollar Tree near the sponges!

  6. Sara

    I know this is a ridiculous question… but where did you buy the gloves? I couldn’t find them at my grocery store. They only had powdered gloves.

    • Not ridiculous! I found mine at my local Dollar Tree near the sponges!

  7. clarissa

    These would make perfect treat bags for my preschool co-op group! Can’t wait to put them together!

  8. Victoria Lake

    LOVE these! Any idea for a popcorn replacement? My oldest has braces and can’t do popcorn. Thanks for the idea!!

    • Victoria, they make “puff corn” It tastes just like popcorn but no kernals or shells…kind of like cheeze puffs but popcorn flavored and colored! Maybe try that!

  9. Cristin

    Where did you find the gloves? I looked at walmart and could not find them! Cute treat!

    • Cristin, I found mine at my local Dollar Tree near the sponges!

  10. Desiree

    OMG I’m so glad I saw this! We will be flying to AZ for Thanksgiving with our 2 year old daughter and this would definitely keep her occupied for a while.

    • Safe Travels Desiree! We fly to Phoenix every March…I might just make them in March too :)

  11. Aubrey

    Hi, I am wanting to take this for my sons preschool snack but I can’t find the plastic gloves anywhere…any chance you could share where you found them? Thanks!!

    • Aubrey I found the gloves at my Dollar Tree where the sponges are!

  12. Diana

    Did you use regular Elmer’s glue? For the googly eyes & beak? Thanks

    • Yes Maam! Nothing fancy, anything you have on hand will work!

  13. Diana

    Did you glue the googly eyes and beak before or after filling them?

  14. Tavette

    I made the Halloween hands YEARS ago – but leave it to you to see a turkey. Great idea. Love seeing new stuff and thanks to you – another wonderful, quick, easy, inexpensive treat to impress the kids. Thanks so much for posting.

    Tavette – S. Florida

  15. lissa

    I tried making these and the kids loved them, but… I can’t get the googly eye to stay on the glove. As soon as it dries it doesn’t take much for it to peel off :( I used Elmer’s glue, what worked with yours?

  16. Kylee

    Where did u get the plastic glove bags from?

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  18. Amanda T

    Oh How cute! Great for kids waiting on food.

  19. Thanks for sharing! I have featured you on my blog with a round up of other fun Healthy Snack ideas for children

  20. Ashley

    Got all the materials to make these! What gel did u use to glue beak and googly eyes?

  21. taylor

    did you just use elmers glue to stick on the eyes and the felt pieces?

    • Yes! We made these this weekend and we used Elmer’s! Just be sure to let them dry well!

      • Mara Chartier

        Where do you get the clear plastic gloves? Is that a Target thing?

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  24. Ginnie

    Great, easy craft idea for after school care, kids ranging from pre-school to fifth grade. For all those asking about the gloves, they are used for food service and you can also buy them at Costco or Sam’s Club.

    • Thanks Ginnie! My husband even likes them :) But he is just a big kid!

  25. Thank you for this! Made these for my 2 year olds Thanksgiving party at school and they were a HUGE hit!

    • Tiffany I am so happy to hear! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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