I am Brave and Beautiful

I’m so excited to be participating in this awesome movement about true beauty and being true to yourself. I hope you will take the time to read through this and visit some of my most favorite blogger friends!! ****************************************************** I am Brave and Beautiful – a beauty movement that is sweeping the globe. Colbie Caillat…

I’d like to introduce you to Spangenbaby

I’d like to formally introduce you to Spangenbaby!


It’s the middle of the night and I am awake feeding this little miracle in my arms.  I am tired.  Very tired, however I don’t mind it one bit.  The middle of the night is when he and I can just be together.  No older brothers fighting for kisses.  No wet dog noses to check and make sure all is well with his baby.  No daddy to share this little guy with.  No TV, no visitors, no interruptions.  Just he and I and quiet silence except for tiny squeaks and breaths as he nurses.  I rub my thumb on his cheek and he peeks an eye open at me to say hello.  He slowly drifts back into his milk coma peacefully.

Spangenbaby Tired

I spend extra time after he eats burping him.  Not only to get him to sleep better but I love when I put him over my shoulder.  He throws up his arms up around my neck as if he is hugging me back.  I savor this feeling of his little arms thrown over my shoulder.  I sit and pat his back with my cheek against his.  It’s so soft.  I nuzzle my nose in the crook of his neck and take deep breaths of that glorious baby smell.  How I wish I could bottle that smell up.  I can hear is breaths in my ear and he makes coos and grunts to let me know he doesn’t like to be burped :)  His little head of super fine hair is so soft and I just sit and rub it in my hand, softly kissing his squishy, squishy, squishy cheeks!


I often fall asleep like this.  He and I just snuggling and being together.  It’s certainly not the most restful sleep.  OK so it’s not restful for me at all but I do it over and over and over because soon he will be sleeping through the night and our quiet, middle of the night time together will be gone.  I have the rest of my life to sleep so I don’t mind much.

Big News for the New Year…

Happy Thursday friends.  We are on snow day #4.  Yes you read that correctly…NUMBER FOUR.  After a 2 week Christmas break already!  Lots of snow and ice are keeping us homebound and so we are going a wee bit crazy in here!  I also have a bit of work to do and it’s extremely hard when you can’t get out to get supplies and/or you have to spend your day refereeing two little boys who have had enough of one another!  But as always…this too shall pass…right?

On to the news…it’s big news.  Really big…I’ll let the boys (who took a few minutes from fighting with each other to pose for a few pictures for me) tell you the news!  It’s cuter from them anyway!

help wanted


32 Things About Me On My 32nd Birthday

Today is my birthday!!  As my kids say:  I am turning OLD!  32 actually, but to them that is REALLY OLD!  So in honor of number 32 I thought I’d share 32 things about me, you may not know!  So grab your coffee, diet coke or sweet tea and let’s get more accquainted!

  1. I read magazines back to front.  I don’t know why…always have!
  2. I don’t like any nuts in any dessert.  I love a good mixed nut bowl and I love desserts but I don’t love them together!
  3. I don’t normally drink ice in my beverages.  I like it cold but no ice.
  4. I make lists and put things on the lists that I already have accomplished to make myself feel better.
  5. I am really good at darts when I drink.   It’s a bell curve…one drink too many though and it’s all downhill from there.
  6. I am highly allergic to poison ivy.  I can look at it and get it.  That’s the only thing I am aware that I am allergic to.
  7. I can bend my thumbs back at the first knuckle.  Don’t believe me…let me show you!  (yes it’s out of focus—but you get the idea!)bendy thumbs
  8. I can still do cartwheels.  My kids think I am amazing!
  9. I can water ski with no hands!  {I put the rope between/behind my knees!!  Honest!
  10. I won my dad’s truck when I was about 14 in a bet over a song on the radio.  He made good when I was 18 and bought me my first used but new to me car!

Painted NFL Serving Dishes

Cheer on your favorite team with these painted NFL Serving Dishes!  You can customize to your team and mascot using my same directions below!  Perfect for chips and dip or a delicious dessert plate! Are you a football fan???  We are Minnesota Vikings fans here in this house and even though they lost against the Packers…

One Year of Blogging

In celebration of this sweet blog of mine turning ONE, I have one heck of a week planned for YOU, my awesome readers!!!  THANK YOU for reading my blog!  THANK YOU for leaving such kind comments.  THANK YOU for liking my Facebook page!  THANK YOU for pinning my posts!  Thank you for re-tweeting my tweets…