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Gender Reveal Party

I have to say that when you are pregnant and NOT with your first, you look to every possible avenue to celebrate this little baby!  My Gender Reveal Party was just what I wanted to celebrate this little person who I am so thankful to have.  You get baby showers with your first and youContinue Reading

Big News for the New Year…

Happy Thursday friends.  We are on snow day #4.  Yes you read that correctly…NUMBER FOUR.  After a 2 week Christmas break already!  Lots of snow and ice are keeping us homebound and so we are going a wee bit crazy in here!  I also have a bit of work to do and it’s extremely hardContinue ReadingContinue Reading

32 Things About Me On My 32nd Birthday

Today is my birthday!!  As my kids say:  I am turning OLD!  32 actually, but to them that is REALLY OLD!  So in honor of number 32 I thought I’d share 32 things about me, you may not know!  So grab your coffee, diet coke or sweet tea and let’s get more accquainted! I readContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Shabby Apple Giveaway + Exciting Announcements!

Happy Friday!  Today is packed with lots of fun and exciting news!  First I am going to share my exciting announcements and then if you make it to the end you can enter to win a Shabby Apple Credit!  My First Announcement is that there will be a brand spankin’ new blog design coming upContinue Reading

Painted NFL Serving Dishes

Are you a football fan???  We are Minnesota Vikings fans here in this house and even though they lost against the Packers Saturday night we still love them!  When the Vikings played the St. Louis Rams here in St. Louis, Fred and I went to the game with my brother, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’sContinue Reading

Adventures in Fabric Dying

Ok I might have made that title a bit more interesting than this post really will be.  I will try to insert my not-so-there-lately sense of humor for your reading pleasure!  OK so on to fabric dying.  I have kind of been terrified of it.  I am not sure why?  Most likely because of theContinue Reading

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  The other day, I started to realize the things that I say 8,643,710 times a day and started to make a list in my mind.  Well…you know how that goes…now you all get to read about them! Things I say 8,643,710 times aContinue Reading

Come Shop With Me + Giveaway!

  *****GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*****   If you have been reading recently you may have noticed some links that were pointing to a shop.  I might have casually mentioned it here or there, all nonchalantly, like in casual conversation…but now I am here to make a formal announcement! I OPENED A SHOP!      Continue Reading

One Year of Blogging

In celebration of this sweet blog of mine turning ONE, I have one heck of a week planned for YOU, my awesome readers!!!  THANK YOU for reading my blog!  THANK YOU for leaving such kind comments.  THANK YOU for liking my Facebook page!  THANK YOU for pinning my posts!  Thank you for re-tweeting my tweetsContinue Reading

What I Wore–Bloggy Boot Camp 2012

I don’t normally do these kinds of posts…well, because I normally wear Victoria’s Secret Sweats all day long!  Ahhh the life I lead!  So since I actually dressed up a bit AND I took some of my FAVORITE things with me to my first blogging conference, I thought I’d share! Friday Night Cocktail Party PurpleContinue Reading

Bloggy Boot Camp–St. Louis, MO

I attended my first blogging conference ever this past weekend.  Bloggy Boot Camp hosted by the SITS Girls!  It was such a great experience!  I’ll give you the details as they happened! Friday night we met at the Millennium Hotel in Downtown St. Louis and had a cocktail party hosted by Charmin.  Yep, as inContinue Reading

Just a Bunch of Words…

Amidst the Washi Tape craze that is going on here, other stuff is happening also. It’s good to be back in St. Louis.  If you follow hockey, you then know that the Blues are in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  If you follow baseball, then you know that today was the Cardinals home opener.  It rainedContinue Reading

A Moving Update & A Mustache Mug!

Hi Friends!!!  I miss you!!! We are getting settled in and finding a spot for all our crap, well most of it anyway!  When not unpacking, we have also been LOVING spending time with family.  We have never lived in the same city as family so this is really awesome for us!  The boys areContinue Reading

Moving Sucks

Yep, as the title of this post suggests…moving sucks!  Hmm…where to begin? 1.  Ryan decided to get hand, foot and mouth disease and be MISERABLE for about 5 days prior to the move.  It was super awesome. He couldn’t eat and couldn’t sleep because he was hungry.  Score!  I started out…TIRED! 2.  Utilizing the awesomeContinue Reading

You Can Just Call Me Bobby…

OK so Ryan is talking up a storm which is great and all.  The thing is…he seems to like to replace the “M” sound with a “B” sound… Milk = Bilk (not to be confused in the car for BOOK which he will then shoot you the look from hell and throw the book acrossContinue Reading

Arizona Hates Me

It’s official…I have declared that the state of Arizona tried to kill me.  Arizona hates me.  After you read this and I tell you how much I LOVE MY IN-LAWS…some of you with in-laws from hell may hate me also. Trip down went alright.  Flight was delayed an hour before we left but I justContinue Reading

Visiting Arizona

Today we are boarding a plane (with 2 small children) to fly to Arizona (with 2 small children) to see my parents-in-love, sister/brother-in love and their kids and their kids (with 2 small children).  One of our nieces & nephews just had a BABY GIRL earlier this month and I am dying to get myContinue Reading

Our oldest of our two dogs, Thumper, passed away during the night on Tuesday night.  Freddy gets up each morning to go work out and then returns and walks the dogs.  He came into our room a little after 6 am and told me that Thumper had passed away.  He was 11.5 years old. IContinue Reading

Here is my plan to Step 2: Cleaning.  Are you more of a Zone Defense cleaner or a Man-on Man Cleaner?  (Sorry my husband watches so. much. basketball.)  As in, do you like to clean one room at a time, top to bottom or do you like to do a specific task through-out the wholeContinue Reading

Do you want to clean house with me?  No, not YOU come clean MY house!  But YOU clean YOUR house and I will clean MY house!  I’d love it if you came and cleaned my house though…just saying!  Want to do it together?  I will share my plan and tips and you can then share/teachContinue Reading

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