Yep, as the title of this post suggests…moving sucks!  Hmm…where to begin?

1.  Ryan decided to get hand, foot and mouth disease and be MISERABLE for about 5 days prior to the move.  It was super awesome. He couldn’t eat and couldn’t sleep because he was hungry.  Score!  I started out…TIRED!

2.  Utilizing the awesome help of my fantastic girlfriend’s husband…heavy furniture AND our freaking heavy playground/swing set thing was moved on Thursday.  The moving of the swing set really did not negatively impact me in any way, shape or form…however the moving of the heavy furniture resulted in this:


Giving it the ole College try again.  That’s my sister.  She came the ENTIRE week of her spring break from college to entertain the boys while we packed and loaded the truck.  HUGE help and this is how I repay her…lawn furniture in the living room!  I know, I know…sister of the year award right here!  ;-)  Throw in some red solo cups and a pizza box and it’s like she is back in college for the week!

3.  Saturday was move day.  After finishing loading the truck we were on our way.  Our lunchtime entertainment was courtesy of Mr. Ryan Spangenberg.  He will be that kid at the party that puts the lampshade on his head!  Why does everything have to be a hat?  Either way…Michael’s Happy Meal box was the hot commodity to a “I’ve just been stuck in a car for 2 hours and I still have 3 more to go” kid!


4.  We get to St. Louis but not in an uneventful way.  Here is the start of what was to come.  This is in Rolla, MO (where I went to college).  Picture doesn’t even do it justice.  The clouds were just churning amongst themselves.


I have told you before that Mother Nature hates me….well she wasn’t too happy with me this day either.  We drove through torrential downpours resulting in flash flooding, hail, lightning in every direction and a sky that looked like it was nighttime when in fact it was just afternoon!

5.  We can’t unpack anything on Saturday night because the rain just doesn’t stop.

6.  We get a beautiful day on Sunday though!  My mom and sister were on little boy duty and Freddy, my dad,  Mersidotes, her hubby, and I were unloading/moving fools!  Now my house is full of boxes…lots and lots of boxes!

7.  At this point I have not showered in 3 days.  Moving sucks!

8. Husband leaves to go out of town at 4:01 am on Monday morning after we move in on Sunday. Be back in 3 days! Just wonderful…thanks babe!

9.  Michael starts his new school on Monday also.  3rd school in 2 years.  Oh and he’s only in Pre-K!  Sheesh!  Again…moving sucks!    (Michael by the way did AWESOME and good thing for me not a repeat of his last first week of school!)

10.  Unpacking sucks just as much as moving does.  I bought a bunch of new organization crap to organize a bunch of crap!  The new kitchen is WAY, WAY, WAY smaller than the old kitchen so I am being very resourceful and creative with my packing and also getting rid of a bunch of…well…crap!



11.  Oh and no internet or TV.  Well I take that back…we had internet installed…but he didn’t do it correctly so we had to have a different guy come back out and “fix” it and now I am lucky to get it for a good 20 minute episode before it craps out again….

12.  All my crafting goodies are in boxes but I am sooooooooooo tired of unpacking so I promise to get to them soon!  I have some fun ideas.  Oh and I will have a craft room!  I share it with the washer and dryer but it’s huge and has a door to close and it’s mine so I LOVE it!

And since this post was all about how moving sucks…I feel I should end with a reason why moving doesn’t suck, you know, to stay positive.

Moving doesn’t suck because we now live 2 minutes from my parents and that makes my boys really, really, really happy and seeing their faces light up when they see my parents makes me happy!

And That’s What Che Said…