Today is my birthday!!  As my kids say:  I am turning OLD!  32 actually, but to them that is REALLY OLD!  So in honor of number 32 I thought I’d share 32 things about me, you may not know!  So grab your coffee, diet coke or sweet tea and let’s get more accquainted!

  1. I read magazines back to front.  I don’t know why…always have!
  2. I don’t like any nuts in any dessert.  I love a good mixed nut bowl and I love desserts but I don’t love them together!
  3. I don’t normally drink ice in my beverages.  I like it cold but no ice.
  4. I make lists and put things on the lists that I already have accomplished to make myself feel better.
  5. I am really good at darts when I drink.   It’s a bell curve…one drink too many though and it’s all downhill from there.
  6. I am highly allergic to poison ivy.  I can look at it and get it.  That’s the only thing I am aware that I am allergic to.
  7. I can bend my thumbs back at the first knuckle.  Don’t believe me…let me show you!  (yes it’s out of focus—but you get the idea!)bendy thumbs
  8. I can still do cartwheels.  My kids think I am amazing!
  9. I can water ski with no hands!  {I put the rope between/behind my knees!!  Honest!
  10. I won my dad’s truck when I was about 14 in a bet over a song on the radio.  He made good when I was 18 and bought me my first used but new to me car!
  11. I don’t eat mushrooms or bleu cheese because I don’t eat anything that is in the same phylum as athlete’s foot.
  12. I did the rope swing in my wedding dress at my reception…see:rope swing 1
  13. I was voted “Most Dependable” in high school.
  14. My second toe is longer than my big toe on both feet!
  15. I bite my nails.  Not all the time, just when they get long enough to bother me, I bite them.  {I know, I know!}
  16. I have freckles on the bottoms of my feet!  How weird is that?!?
  17. My closet is color coordinated.  It looks like a rainbow exploded in there!
  18. I still have my very favorite baby blanket…it’s folded on the top shelf of my closet
  19. I buy gifts for people and then forget I bought them and find them months later.
  20. I love, love, love, orange drink from McDonald’s.  Seriously LOVE!
  21. I listen to explicit lyric songs while I work out.  Makes me work out harder for some reason?
  22. I will choose a berry dessert over a chocolate dessert.  (i.e. Apple Pie over Chocolate Cake)
  23. Same with candy bars.  Starburst or Skittles over Snickers or Twix
  24. My ring finger is the same length as my pointer finger on both hands!
  25. I eat raw cookie dough.  {and I haven’t died yet!}
  26. I haven’t bought a new pair of tennis shoes since maybe 2005.  I really need a new pair!
  27. I only wear Victoria’s Secret underwear.  I am a totally underwear snob.
  28. I love Mexican food.  And Mexican drinks…Mmmm….fajitas and margaritas!
  29. I have three lifelong friends.   All three of them are 2 years younger than me (so I guess I should say “their lifelong”.  All three were also in my wedding!  {Stacy, Jerry & Mary – love you guys}
  30. My mom and I won a “Mother Daughter Look Alike” contest when I was young, as I got older everyone thought she was my sister.  Here we are with my younger and sister
  31. I twirl my hair.  Like all the time.  When I say all the time, I mean ALL. THE. TIME.  It even annoys me!
  32. I broke my foot my senior year in high school and never got it fixed because I wanted to dance in a competition.  You can still feel the broken bone from the top of my foot.

The normal stuff about me can also be found here.  In case those 32 awesome tid-bits of information were not enough!  Thanks for celebrating with me!

And That’s What Che Said…
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