Surprise Strawberry Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting

Strawberry Shortcake and Cheesecake happen to be two of my most favorite desserts!  Today I simply combined the two treats into one of the easiest and fun way to eat a dessert…as a cupcake!  These surprise strawberry cupcakes with cheesecake frosting are so satisfying and they will make you look like you are Betty Homemaker, while I show you how to make them in a snap!

Strawberry Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting at thatswhatchesaid

These may look like they took all day while in fact they took no longer than the baking time of the cupcakes!  Really!  I am busy and my kids are busy so I don’t have tons of time to make everything from scratch!  I recently showed that when I made my adorable watermelon cookies, all from store bought ingredients!  Today I am telling you that the cupcake itself is nothing more than a box mix of white cake!  So EASY!   Here is how I did it and I’ll share my recipe for the frosting as well!

Follow the box directions on the cake mix.  Bake.  Let cool.  While those are baking, whip up some easy, peasy cheesecake frosting  (recipe below)   Once your cupcakes are cool, size up a nice strawberry and cut the top off so it’s flat on top.  Take your cupcake and using a small paring knife cut out the center of the cupcake to fit the strawberry.

Cut Cupcake

Then gently press in your strawberry.

cut cupcake with strawberry

Using the largest star icing tip you have, pipe the icing in a giant swirl on top of the cupcake covering up the strawberry.  Enjoy!

Hidden Strawberry Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting

The cheesecake frosting is light and fluffy and not too sweet so it is the perfect accompaniment to the fresh sweet strawberry hiding inside!  The white cake mix is perfect little house to hold that hidden strawberry and cheesecake goodness!

Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

Strawberry Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting square


strawberry cupcakes with cheesecake frosting

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Cheesecake Frosting
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Votes: 4
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  1. Beat the cream cheese and butter until blended and creamy.
  2. Add vanilla and powdered sugar. Beat until incorporated.
  3. Add marshmallow fluff and fold in the mixture by hand.
Recipe Notes

If using an icing tip and piping bag, it is helpful to chill the frosting before decorating! The icing will keep its form/shape better!

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Surprise Strawberry Cupcakes with Cheesecake Frosting at

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  1. Oh..two of my favorite things combined into one! LOVE!!!

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  3. Did you have any issues with the strawberries staying fresh? I thought about making these for a shower that we’re having at work but would need to make them the night before and I’m concerned the strawberries will start to lose their freshness once inserted into the cake.

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