The BEST Margarita Recipe

Happy National Margarita Day!  In honor of this glorious day I am sharing with you all my tried and true BEST Margarita Recipe.  You will never want to use margarita mix again!  It tastes wonderful and is so light and refreshing using all fresh ingredients!  My secret ingredient in the rim salt is a must!

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The Best Margarita Recipe! You will never want to use mix again!

I love margaritas.  If you have been with me here in this little space of mine on the interwebs you probably already know we have a standing Friday Night Dinner reservation at our favorite local Mexican place and I enjoy a margarita the size of my head as my reward for keeping everyone in my house alive for the week.

National Margarita Day - Make the Best Margarita

The key to the awesomeness of these margaritas is using a good quality tequila and FRESH squeezed lime juice.  Not cheap liquor and not bottle lime juice.  Believe me.  I have made these time and time again and the fresh ingredients are the KEY to this recipe being the BEST Margarita Recipe!

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Detox Water – Lemon, Cucumber & Mint

Let’s talk water shall we?  I don’t know about you but I always start to freak out right about now because you know what’s coming up??  {whispering}  Swimsuit Season.  Shhh…don’t say it too loudly!  The first thing that always pops in my mind is that I do not drink enough water throughout the day.  I’m so happy to share my Lemon Cucumber Mint Detox Water today.

Are you a water drinker?  Some people are and some aren’t.  I am NOT a water drinker!  I mean yeah sure, after the gym or on a 130 degree day, water is fabulous but for every other occasion…I tend to choose something with flavor.  I need my drink to taste like something.  I drink a lot of coffee and iced tea throughout the day and would love to cut some caffeine from my beverages, without substituting in sugary, empty calorie drinks.  So I did a bit of research and some trial and error and discovered this awesome, natural way to flavor my water!  {and it has health benefits also!  Score, multi-tasking!}

Lemon Cucumber Mint

Yes, it’s exactly what it says:  Lemon Cucumber Mint Detox Water!  So not only does it taste delicious but it also has added benefits:

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