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Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub

I am so excited to share this super easy but super fabulous lemon coconut sugar scrub recipe!

Oh friends…today’s post is all about the smooth skin!  What does smooth skin have to do with Christmas you ask???  Because most ladies want to have smooth skin, most men like to touch ladies’ smooth skin, kids could care less about smooth skin but would love to play with sugar paste in the bath…which leads to this great handmade gift that everyone will love because it will give smooth skin!  See…it’s like the 8 degrees of Kevin Bacon over here today…but with Christmas…and smooth skin! 

Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub Square with words

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Ingredients Needed:

Let’s start with the coconut oil.  I found mine in the vitamin aisle.  Yep, right there by the vitamin c.  Mine was $10.  On my next trip to Wal-Mart, I happened to be in the cooking aisle, getting some EVOO (anyone else watch Rachael Ray?) and low and behold…there was a container of coconut oil that was there as well.  I have heard that cooking coconut oil is a bit different than the stuff in the vitamin aisle…I have no idea if this is true.  I found the vitamin aisle coconut oil first so that’s what I used.  

Alright now that the acquisition location has been established let’s mix some up shall we?

Sugar Scrub

Mix Coconut oil with 2 cups of sugar in large bowl.  

Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub

Finally add in your lemon essential oil.  I adore this oil.  I not only use it for delicious body srcrubs and bath salts but also for cleaning, cooking and as a wonderful air freshener!

Lemon Essential Oil
Slather on in the shower, shave your legs with it, wash your hands at the sink with it after soap…any way you do it…you are left with smooth skin and a fantastically fresh scent.  The freshness of the lemon with the subtle hint of coconut is to die for! 

Coconut Scrub

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  1. This sounds decadent!!! I think it’s a little sad that I can’t eat it……or can I? Hmmmmm….oil and sugar? Well, why not?! Seriously, I’m going to try this. You sure are keeping me busy this year! Thanks! (I think!)

  2. I’m going to try this especially when I’m shaving. My skin gets so dry. Thank you for saving me the time and energy trying to find coconut oil. :)

  3. I currently have some of this made in cute little mason jars, but the consistency is not what I’m used to with other scrubs. I know you said that 1 cup sugar might not be enough, but mine is so dry! Is it supposed to be more on the dry side?

    1. Yes, it’s not like the store bought ones where it’s kind of swimming win whatever. It’s more dry. I found when I use it in the shower it becomes more “liquidy” because the coconut oil melts from the steam in the shower.

  4. I just made 3 batches for Christmas gifts, it is delicious (I had to like the spoon)!! But they won’t be opened for several days…and I was thinking as I was zesting, is this perishable? I don’t want them to open a moldy gift? And what about in the shower? How long does it last?

      1. I saw you mentioned your scrub was still good for a few weeks. I’m curious about how long yours lasted overall? I made mine for a gift but I won’t be giving it until after the first of the year. I’m nervous now I made it too early and I should refrigerate them for a bit. I may have added a bit more lemon juice because mine was fairly moist, so I’m worried about the mold factor.

  5. Thanks for the recipe! This is so quick and easy and it tastes great to boot (I found my 2 yo baby girl licking the bowl after I was done, lol). And my hands are smoooth! A note regarding the coconut oil, the cheaper one in the cooking oil aisle will not smell or taste the same as an organic, virgin, cold pressed one. If you want that coconutty smell/flavor (for cooking) just splurge a little bit, its totally worth it =) I use the Vitacost brand on their website, the best deal I have ever found on coconut oil. Super quality, smells amazing, organic and first cold press, AND if you buy 2 of the 54oz containers you get free shipping! Geez, I sound like a commercial… just sharing a great find

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