Ugh…what is it about drinking water that I have such a hard time with?!?  Seriously, most days I go straight from coffee to wine.   I am sharing my secrets withe these 5 Simple Ways to Drink More Water!

OK sometimes I go through water loving phases but it’s just that…a phase.   If you are like me and would prefer to drink anything other than water, then these 5 Simple Ways to Drink More Water are definitely for you!

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For this installment of Tuesday Tips and Tricks I am sharing my easy ways to drink more water throughout my day.  Do you need some helpful tricks?  Keep reading!

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5.  Ditch the plastic college Greek week mug and get yourself a cute glass water bottle.  You won’t have to worry about chemicals leaching out into your beverage and they come with these cute silicone sleeves that are super fun.  You can also find really cute patterned glass water bottles as well.  It’s always more fun to drink out of funky glass!

Glass Water BottlePatterned Glass Water Bottle.

4.  Add fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs to your water!  You can find my Lemon, Cucumber & Mint water recipe here.  Or maybe you are feeling really fruity and this Strawberry Mango Water would better suit.   These are best if you let them steep overnight so plan ahead!

Lemon-Cucumber-Mint.jpg Strawberry Mango Naturally Flavored Water
3.  Put it on your to-do list.  If you are a “list maker” like I am put it on your list to cross off!  I made this Daily To do List years ago and specifically added water glasses to remind myself to DRINK MORE!  I’ll do anything to check it off my list, lol!  ….no seriously {wink}  You can head over and print off your free copy to use!!

2.  Make it a time challenge.  Mark your water bottle with different times of the day.  By 9 am you should have drank this much water…by 11 am this much and so on.   Everyone loves a good challenge!  Here is a bottle you can buy from (or I would just mark it with sharpie on a bottle I had in my cabinet already!)

1.  If you are not a plan-aheader (ahem #4)…and more a fly by the seat of your pants type of individual (Like I am most days!)  Add a drop of Lemon, Lime, Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit or Citrus Fresh Essential Oils to your glasses of water*!    Oh it’s so delicious.  Just one drop does the most delicious trick.  I find myself wanting another glass.  It gives it just enough of something to make me want it without adding calories, artificial flavors and colorings, caffeine, alcohol or any of that other stuff that I normally choose over water.  Seriously friends…this was a life changer for me.  No grocery shopping for fruits to add, no chopping, no steeping, no waiting!

TangerineGrapefruitCitrus Fresh 1

*When adding citrus oils to your water be sure and use a GLASS drinking glass and not plastic!  Hey look at that…what did I say in #5?!?  :)

Hint:  I might mix too!  Lime and Citrus Fresh is kind of like a margarita, lol!

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