Easy Breakfast Casserole

Start your mornings off right with this fantastic make-ahead Easy Breakfast Casserole.  Spinach, cheese, sun dried tomatoes, potatoes and bacon make this casserole tasty and hearty! I enjoy when the kids get back to school.  We get some routine and structure back in our lives after having the luxury of coming and going as we please…

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Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

As a busy mom I needed to get more vitamins in my diet.  This delicious and healthy green smoothie recipe accomplishes just that!  Kale, Spinach, Pineapple and Coconut Milk make this smoothie fabulous!  Bright green in color but fresh and sweet in taste! You and your family will love this! Green Smoothie Recipe at thatswhatchesaid.net I am horrible about eating correctly lately.  Sometimes, I am even terrible at eating in general.  5 pm will roll around and I realize I didn’t have a meal all day!  Sometimes I pop a few grapes in my mouth when I feed the little {yes they eat during the day!} but when one or both are sitting nicely at the table eating lunch or dinner, I use that time to load the dishwasher or sweep the floor.  I’m still in the room with them and in the conversations but I am taking advantage of them being “contained and entertained” at the moment!  {If you are new here, My husband travels ALL. THE. TIME}  Like weeks on end so anything to do with ME gets put on the back burner and apparently that even includes eating…{shaking my head at myself!}

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Egg Bake

This egg breakfast bake couldn’t be easier or more versatile!  It’s so simple and delicious and I make two pans of it and slice and freeze* them for easy morning breakfasts for the boys! Items Needed: 1 tube refrigerated crescent rolls 8 eggs 1/2 cup milk Mix-ins (I used 3/4 cup chopped ham and Real Bacon…