Love Notes Frame + Free Printable! Perfect for a family Valentine activity from

Love Notes Frame + Free Printable

This simple Love Notes Frame + Free Printable has been such a fun activity in our house.  It might possibly be the the easiest thing I have done that has been so rewarding for myself and my kids!  Print the printable, add a frame and grab a dry erase marker!  The love and affirmations do good for your soul…and your small people’s words to you mean just as much as yours to them!

Love Notes Frame + Free Printable from Print off the background, add to a frame and express you love this Valentine's Day!

Who doesn’t love to hear what people love about you?  As much as some might deny it, positive affirmations are amazing!  I feel as families we are so comfortable with each other and we know we “have” to love each other that we sometimes don’t give the love each deserves.

That was my nice way of saying I live in a house of boys.  A husband, 3 small man children and a boy dog.  Most days it is like a frat house up in here.   There is lots of yelling.  Lots of rough housing.  Lots of name calling (poop head, butt face, etc.).  Everything is sticky and more than not…smelly.

I love you because Free Printable 8 x 10

I made this printable and placed it in a frame I already had on hand.  I made an 8 x 10 both in portrait and landscape orientation and also a 5 x 7 size in both directions so hopefully you have an extra frame you can use around the house as well.

Heart Attack Door Idea for Valentines Day

Give Your Loved Ones a “Heart Attack” Valentine!

Today for our Tuesday Tip or Trick…we are talking Valentine’s Day!  I’m sharing some ways to give your loved ones a “heart attack” this February with my Heart Attack Valentine Activity!

3 Ways to Give a Heart Attack this Valentine's Day at

While I understand fully the severity of heart attacks, I do have some non life threatening ones that your family and friends would actually want!  Here are # Ways to “Heart Attack” your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!  I have included free printables and cut files to make this as easy as possible for you to recreate

Whether you live near or far you can send love to your family and friends with these fun ways to shower them in hearts!

Supplies Needed for Heart Attack Valentine Activity:

  • Cardstock in Valentine (or not) colors
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Sharpie
  • (optional) Silhouette Cut File for a Cameo, Curio, or Portrait
  • (optional) Free Heart Printable to cut out in place of the cardstock
  • (optional) Paper Doilies if you hate to cut things out and don’t have an electronic cutting machine

Heart Attack Valentine Activity at

1.  Heart Attack Door Décor.

QTip Dart Game at

Q-Tip Dart Game Kids Activity

Have your kids told you “I’m Bored!” for the millionth time yet?  With the new baby there is a lot of stuff going on around here but sometimes I really need my two older boys to play nice and fend for themselves a little bit so Momma can take a breather!  I have tons of tricks to keep my small people occupied and I am super excited to share this Q-Tip Dart Game with you today!  Not to fear…the darts will not harm anyone or anything! :)

Q-Tip Dart Game Idea at

I picked up all my supplies at my local Dollar Tree.   OK so I had the Great Value straws already on hand but you get the idea!  (They sell straws at the Dollar Tree also!)  In most cases, you can use things you already have around the house!  These are things we can always improvise on supplies!

Supplies needed:

  • 3 small tins, buckets or baskets
  • Small Die Cut Numbers
  • Q-Tips
  • Drinking straws
  • tape

Have the kids go on a hunt for the supplies…it will keep them busy!  {wink}

Free Kid's Activity Printable at

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt | Free Printable

If you love to be outside as much as we do, I have a simple, FUN, little activity to do with your kids…or better yet print this out and send them out to do it while you enjoy some iced tea in fun mason jars :)  My Outdoor Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable is fun for all ages!

Free Kid's Activity Printable at

Who is happy for nicer weather!  I know, I know…I keep talking about it but seriously…it seemed like winter was going to last ALL. YEAR. LONG. here.  I was majorly needing some sunshine and warmer temperatures to boost my spirit!  There’s nothing like being nauseous for 3 months and then being told your rear end is huge by your three year old to get you into a winter funk.  So happy the sunshine and natural Vitamin D has come to the rescue!

We are outside a lot.  I mean really…I did build a Pergola after all!  We love to be outside and my kids do too and before I start complaining about it being TOO HOT here in the midwest…we are fully taking advantage of this beautiful weather!  The kids love to ride their bikes and scooters and they LOVE to take walks each night when Daddy walks Murphy.

Bike Ride

While we walk I like to help the kids be aware of all the awesome things in the world around them.  Since we are outdoors…my Outdoor Scaveger hunt was born.  The boys love finding the items, checking them off and answering the questions!  I am sharing this free printable download so you too can have your own scavenger hunt!  You will be surprised at how much you can actually talk about with them just using this simple sheet as a starting point.  Different conversations each day as well!  I love it!

Scooter Ride

Soon we will be get to push a new baby around on our walks and Ryan is SO EXCITED to put on his “Big Brother Hat” and “teach” the baby all about things on our walks!  I love it!

Painting Party with Social Artworking

Social Artworking Painting Party

This is a sponsored post on behalf of DecoArt, Inc., Social Artworking.  All opinions are 100% my own.  It was a pleasure hosting this party and I am so excited to be partnering with DecoArt for this awesome experience! I would do it again and again! 


I had the best time the other night!  Do you want to know what I did?  No really…you WANT to know!  I had some friends over and we had a painting party!  No, no we didn’t paint a room in my house, {although that would have been nice!} we painted canvas art through a new program from DecoArt called Social Artworking!


We had such a great time and look what we created!!  Can you believe we painted that!?


Explore your inner Artist with Social Networking

I bet a few of you are thinking, “I’m not that artsy…I probably could not do that!”  Well, this would be a good time for me to tell you that you are wrong.  I normally don’t like to tell you, my fantastically awesome friends that you are wrong, but indeed you are wrong in this case!  This program is for everyone.  It’s sort of like paint by numbers but in grown up fashion.  There aren’t numbers but there are steps.  They are so easy to follow everyone at my party was able to easily create a masterpiece.   My friends ranged from one I had to lure over assuring her she could to do it to an art teacher.  We all had a great time.

Social Artworking Painting Party Fun

It was great to just sit and chat and eat and drink and just be together while we each created a masterpiece that was our own.  Did I mention there was lots of laughing?  Yes lots of fun and LOTS of laughing!

Social Artworking Party Fun Laughing

DIY Kaleidoscope

Michael starts Spring Break this Friday and I was just trying to come up with some fun things to do for that week and realized I never shared this project with you over here on my own blog! This is my tutorial on how to make a kaleidoscope from supplies you probably have already around your house!  I just had to pick up one item to make this project!

DIY Kaleidoscope How To 2

The boys love to help me with my projects, and better yet, they love when my projects are for them!  Michael helped me with this craft while Ryan was napping.  {A perk of being the older brother!} We did make one for Ryan to have when he woke up!

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard tube (paper towel roll, wrapping paper roll, vinyl roll insert, etc.)
  • Paper Cutter with scoring blade
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Scotch tape (not pictured)
  • Hot glue gun / glue sticks
  • Plastic Container (berry bin, grape tomato container, dessert lid)
  • Plastic Beads
  • Reflective Scrapbook Paper (or aluminum foil)
  • Corrugated Scrapbook Paper
  • Extra Paper or Embellishments for decoration
Kaleidoscope Supplies square