Happy Friday everyone! Happy 11-11-11!  Yes I am that dork!  I wanted to give a quick update on my new, old Apothecary Jars.  You know the ones I made {Here} and then updated for Halloween {Here}.  Well now they are filled and ready for their debut as Fall Apothecary Jars!

First things first, Happy Veterans Day!  Thank You to all our Veterans for everything you do past and present!  Take time to thank a veteran today.  We can blog/read about Apothecary Jars because of them!  So THANK YOU!!!  :)

Next, I am so looking forward to this weekend!  Merrsidotes, Hubby and Goober will be visiting us from St. Louis!  Mary is a lifelong BFF, we were in each others’ weddings, our moms are BFF’s and Goober and Ryan are only 3 days apart!  I am so excited for their visit!!!

When my family gets back to St. Louis there is always something we are back for…birthday party, holiday, etc.  So our visits with these guys are short and sweet, squeezing them in between naps, party times, and prior engagements and bedtimes.  So now we will have an entire weekend to just sit and visit, let the boys play and just chill.  I am giddy!


DIY Apothecary Jars for Fall

I filled one with pinecones.


The other I filled with small pumpkins that I had used in my centerpiece for my Burlap Table Runner.


The last one, I filled with acorns that Michael and I collected last weekend.  It was a beautiful day and we took a walk down by Shoal Creek to feed the ducks.


It was a great afternoon and now every time I walk past these jars and see the acorns I think of that afternoon Smile

Feeding the Ducks

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  What ever you have planned, just remember to take time and feed the ducks!  It can make you happy for weeks to come!!!

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