It’s no secret…up until this year…I didn’t sew.  You can read all about that here when I shared my woes with my sewing machine.  After I got my hands on a working one, I feel pretty much unstoppable.  I have had the ultimate privilege to work with Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts stores.  I was asked to create a how-to video for their Creativity Made Simple series and I made a one to demonstrate how to make a fabric flower.  Recently I was asked to try out the new line of HGTV HOME fabric and trim.  Of course, my response was a small squeal {that only dogs could hear} and then a big ecstatic YES!  I was so eager to make cute fabric basket liners for my boring bins!

Fabric Basket Liners
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I have found myself purchasing more neutral pieces with the hopes that I will add color pops through accessories and décor.  I have totally been slacking on that second part there – the adding color pops part.  I have these boring bins/baskets that are a necessity in our living room.  Under our TV stand, they house videos/DVDs, books and toys.   So I thought, why not start to do what I said I was going to and add some color!  The vibrant line of HGTV HOME fabrics were perfect for some fabric basket liners for these boring guys!

How to Sew a Rectangle Fabric Basket Liner


I was sent Checkered Past Berry and Urban Blossom Berry to create with free of charge.


Let’s get started!  I linked to some supplies I used for your convenience!

Supplies Needed for Fabric Basket Liners:

I am not a novice sewist (sewer sounds so bad!) so I will just tell you what I did!  You can tweak as needed.

1.  I measured my bins and added 1/2 inch to both lengths allowing for 1/4 seam allowance.

2.  I cut four sides, one bottom piece and two half pieces of complimentary pattern* (*we will talk about these later!)

3.  I started out by sewing my longest sides and the bottom together in one long strip (right side up)

4.  Next I sewed the remaining two sides to the already sewn strip.  You can hold up your “sides” of the box to figure out where to sew each side to.

5.  Finally I sewed the seams where the last 2 sides meet the bottom forming a cube of sorts.

6.  I cut an additional piece of alternating fabric to the measurements of the side where the handles are and then cut that in half again.  This fabric will peak out the handle openings.

7.  I stitched the seams on both sides.

8.  I folded the fabric over to create a half inch hem and sewed all four sides.

Alternating Fabric Patterns

9.  I placed in the bin and folded the top of the fabric cube over the top of the bin.  Mine was pretty snug but if yours is loose you can always add small pieces of elastic to the corners.  I love how the coordinating fabric peeks through the handle opening!

Fabric Basket Liners

The fabric is awesome!  The prints are vivid and fun and will make your home pop with color!

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