Do you have jewelry for at least one person on your gift giving list this year?  If not…do YOU like jewelry???  Why not make some of these ribbon and pearl bracelets for gifts or for yourself!  I love them because they are trendy, girly and super easy to make! 

DIY Ribbon Pearl Bracelets}}

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Supplies Needed:

  • 1/4 inch ribbon. 
  • 8MM round glass pearls
  • 0.5mm (0.019 inch) Stretch Magic jewelry cord
  • scissors
  • small embroidery needle

ribbon bracelet supplies

{{I took a bunch of photos of the process so it may seem like a lot but these bracelets are not hard to make!  I just wanted to give good examples! }}

Start out by cutting a 20” length of ribbon.  Tie a knot about 6-8 inches from one end.  Repeat the knot again.   

Step 1

Next cut a length of the Stretch Magic (about 12 inches or so) and tie several knots at one end.  Thread the SM cord onto a needle and thread THROUGH the knot.  {Be sure you are threading in the correct direction.  You want the knot of the ribbon and the knot of the SM to match up with the long sides of each (ribbon and SM) to be in the same direction.}IMG_4683

Then you will add a glass pearl to your SM “thread” and then stick your needle through the RIBBON so that the ribbon will just wrap around the pearl.


Thread on another pearl.


Wrap ribbon back over the second pearl and thread the SM through the ribbon again.  Repeat until you have 16 pearls added to your bracelet.   {Be sure not to pull the ribbon too tight around the pearl.  you want a bit of excess so that the bracelet can stretch over your hand.}


Now to finish the end of the ribbon to hold the pearls in place you will tie a knot with the RIBBON around the SM thread.  Pull tight and repeat knot.


Repeat same step as in the beginning and thread your stretch magic cord THROUGH the end knot.  Tie your stretch magic cord in several knots again as close to the ribbon knot as possible.  Snip excess SM from each of the knots on the bracelet. 


Place the pearl strand on your wrist and bring the ribbon ends together.  Find a comfortable place that fits your wrist comfortably and then remove bracelet and tie a knot.  The bracelet will give because you used stretch magic cord and not regular thread so make sure it fits good, it will stretch over your hand easily. 


Tie a bow at the knot.  You now have yourself a really cute ribbon and pearl bracelet to sport this holiday season and after! 


I made one in Pink Ribbon/White Pearls and in Black Ribbon/Slate Pearls! 


Tell me…which is your favorite?


I’m thinking these would also make great handmade gifts!  Teachers, neighbors, sisters, aunts…seriously cute!

Would you like to win one???  Well then let’s do that!  I will send the winner a bracelet in the color of their choice!  My Merry Christmas present to YOU!

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