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4th of July Wall Art

I wanted a focal piece for my mantle.  I also wanted something that my kids would see and maybe even ask a question or just notice so that it was in their head….the true meaning of independence and what OTHERS have done for us.

Patriotic Chevron Art

I made this with Cammie, my Silhouette Cameo.  I didn’t have any vinyl that I wanted to spare for the chevron stencil so I used contact paper!  Yep, regular old contact paper that you line your drawers with!  (Cheap!)  I cut a chevron pattern using my cameo and the contact paper and applied it to my canvas.

Patriotic Canvas Chevron Stripes

I kind of liked it as it was…but that is digressing!  I am so late to the Chevron wagon.  I tried to stay off of it, but it just beat me!

Patriotic Chevron Stripes Close Up

Next I applied 3 coats of Folk Art Red Paint.  I used a regular paint brush as I found the foam brushes just kind of smeared on the canvas and it wasn’t pretty!  (and apparently I forgot to take a picture of the canvas painted.  Whoops!)

While the 3rd coat was still wet, I took up the contact paper and let it dry!  Next I got to cutting my blue vinyl for the letters!  I weeded off all the excess vinyl, leaving only my saying.

Patriotic Art Vinyl Letters

My canvas is a 16 x 20 so I made my page that large in the Silhouette software so I could get the correct spacing/size and then just rotated them to fit within my cutting area.

I applied this to my dried chevron canvas!  I love it!  If I had to do it again, I would have made my letters wider, bolded if you will…but I still love it just the way it is!  I think it adds some modern to my rustic fireplace mantle!  :)

Patriotic Chevron Art Mantle View

Patriotic Chevron Art

Check out my complete 4th of July Mantle if you get a chance!    Most of my decor you can find yourself for super inexpensive!

Thanks for stopping by, I’d love it if you’d stick around for a bit and see what I have been up to!  My Watermelon Rice Krispie Treats are perfect this time of the year and also don’t forget to check out my Road Trip Bingo game (with free printables) if you have kids and need an activity for them while traveling on vacatoin this summer!

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    1. Thanks Amanda,
      I thought I could totally hold out and stay off the wagon but recently I am just smitten with it! I am so behind the times! Ha! Thanks for the nice comment!

  1. I love your 4th of July canvas. Just stopping by via Red, White and You to say HI. I am following you now. Look forward to future post.

  2. What is this Chevron you speak of? That might be trouble and just ad another something for me to get caught up in! Cute, cute project though! :)

  3. I want to do something just like this with a favorite quote of mine for some wall art!
    Anything that was particularly difficult?
    I just ordered my cameo so I can get started! Did you just transfer the vinyl onto the canvas? How long did you wait for it to dry?

  4. Love this and everything you post! Not too crafty, but would love to try making it! What size are all of the fonts you used and how might one make the wording without the Silhouette software?

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