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First Day of First Grade!

Michael’s first day of first grade   How is this even possbile?  Wasn’t I JUST sending him off to preschool?  I honestly feel like just last week he hopped OFF the bus on the last day and now we are right back at the bus stop and he’s getting back on…but older and more grownContinue Reading

DIY Kaleidoscope

Michael starts Spring Break this Friday and I was just trying to come up with some fun things to do for that week and realized I never shared this project with you over here on my own blog! This is my tutorial on how to make a kaleidoscope from supplies you probably have already aroundContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Little Passports Review & Giveaway

***THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED***   Michael received a very special package in the mail last week.  He was so eager to open his box and when he did he was even more excited to see a Little Passports World Edition! With Little Passports World Edition your child’s first package will include a mini-suitcase fromContinue Reading

Bug & Monster Spray

I hope you’ll read on to find out how to create your very own *magic* DIY bug and monster spray!   “A spray a day keeps the monsters and bugs away!”  Why had I not thought of this sooner?!?  All that spider/Halloween/Ghost/Haunted House talk lately has Michael not wanting to go into our basement byContinue Reading

First Day of Kindergarten

  Today was Michael’s first day of Kindergarten! I didn’t cry.  I am not much of a crier.  I was really, really ready for school to start.  Michael has so much imagination and curiosity in his little head that after a long summer with MANY days too hot to even send him outside…I am readyContinue Reading

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  The other day, I started to realize the things that I say 8,643,710 times a day and started to make a list in my mind.  Well…you know how that goes…now you all get to read about them! Things I say 8,643,710 times aContinue Reading

Spangenblurbs 7/1

Wow…it’s been a really long time since I did one of these posts!  I got off track and never jumped back on.  These are basically about funny things my kids do or silly stuff that goes on in our life and a play on our last name…Spangenberg. Ryan got this giant beach ball for hisContinue Reading

Simple “Smart” Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I wanted to do something for Michael’s teachers, after all it is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Nothing fancy, but something cute and fun to just let them know we appreciate what they do! I used my Silhouette Cameo and my Sketch Pens to make the tags!  I am not sure why I thought those colorful littleContinue Reading

DIY Monogram Doormat

Make a customized doormat with only a few supplies for a fraction of the cost of the ones at the big box stores!  Best part about this is your DIY Monogram Doormat can  look any way your heart desires! Here is how this played out in my house! “Aren’t people just going to wipe theirContinue Reading

Just a Bunch of Words…

Amidst the Washi Tape craze that is going on here, other stuff is happening also. It’s good to be back in St. Louis.  If you follow hockey, you then know that the Blues are in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  If you follow baseball, then you know that today was the Cardinals home opener.  It rainedContinue Reading

Children’s Sensory Fun–Soft Pom-Poms

I mentioned before how much we loved our Water Table!  Water is a great sensory tool for kids, especially in the summer!  When it got cooler out, I brought our water table inside (empty of course) and then filled it with CRUNCHY hard, dry pasta noodles and let the boys have at it.  They scoopedContinue Reading

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity

It’s no secret my 5 year old loves letters.  It’s also no surprise that he LOVES the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  I mean, a book…about LETTERS!  OMG!  He can recite it…without the book.  He also loves to act out the book with his magnetic letters. I made him this printable that I just attachContinue Reading

Arizona Hates Me

It’s official…I have declared that the state of Arizona tried to kill me.  Arizona hates me.  After you read this and I tell you how much I LOVE MY IN-LAWS…some of you with in-laws from hell may hate me also. Trip down went alright.  Flight was delayed an hour before we left but I justContinue Reading

Visiting Arizona

Today we are boarding a plane (with 2 small children) to fly to Arizona (with 2 small children) to see my parents-in-love, sister/brother-in love and their kids and their kids (with 2 small children).  One of our nieces & nephews just had a BABY GIRL earlier this month and I am dying to get myContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day Cards-Pinterest Style

Have you seen these CUTE Valentine’s Day cards all over Pinterest???  The ones from Megan at Brassy Apple were the very first ones that I saw and I loved them and wanted to make some for Michael for his class.  SO EASY! Take a picture of them holding their arm up in front of them. Continue Reading

Our oldest of our two dogs, Thumper, passed away during the night on Tuesday night.  Freddy gets up each morning to go work out and then returns and walks the dogs.  He came into our room a little after 6 am and told me that Thumper had passed away.  He was 11.5 years old. IContinue Reading

This was the Best. Christmas. Ever.  Michael and Ryan were AWESOME!  Ryan was such a trooper with all the different people and places and missing naps and late, late bedtimes! Every gift Michael opened, he exclaimed “Oh I this is so great and I LOVE YOU  (insert gift giver’s name) !”  It was FANTASTIC!  HeContinue Reading

“Cookies For Santa” Plate & Glass

Today I am sharing this simple Cookies for Santa Plate & Glass that I whipped up in a matter of minutes due to a small little confrontation by the oldest small person.  Please read below! So I have to start out with a little story.  Freddy likes sweets.  Like as in, I make a batchContinue Reading

Christmas Bingo

  I am thrilled to share my Christmas Bingo and Calling Cards with you today!  I am sure you will have so much fun playing! I made these for Michael’s Pre-K class Christmas Party.  I thought I’d share!  We used red and green M&M’s as markers.  There are six different Bingo Boards so that theContinue Reading

Children’s Sensory Fun!

Do you remember back this summer I told you that I loved our water table that the boys had?  Well I decided to bring that table inside and take advantage of our wall to wall tile floors!  No, I didn’t fill it with water…I filled it with dry pasta noodles! That’s right, ziti, rigatoni, eggContinue Reading

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