I got this fabulous idea from Mostly Food and Crafts for a wonderful Personalized Teachers Gift.  Genius and so simple.  LIke I have whined about a few times before, I don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette so I just used some scrapbooking stickers again.

I pulled the front and back labels off the bottles of hand sanitizer.  I have found, the Germ-X brand’s stickers remove the best!  Note: If you do get some sticky residue left behind, simply soak a cotton ball or piece of paper towel in vinegar and allow to sit on the sticky spot for about 5-10 minutes and then wipe off!  The vinegar breaks up the glue.

According to Michael’s welcome letter, his teacher goes by “Mrs. H.” so I applied the stickers and Wah-Lah!  Whole project took less than 5 minutes for me and now Michael has a cute, practical, gift for his teacher on the first day of school!

UPDATE:  Check out my tip on the EASIEST way to remove labels from your sanitizer bottles!  You won’t want to miss this, it gets rid of all the sticky icky glue residue!

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