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Apple Crisp Pie Recipe + Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PAM Cooking Spray. I am so excited to share with you my recipe for my Apple Crisp Pie Recipe.  Apples stuck in between two flakey pie layers topped with a crunchy sweet crumbly topping! Part apple pie, part apple crisp. Oh how I love… Continue Reading

Teacher Gifts –One Month Down

Well…what can I say…I was not on my game when it came to first day of school teacher gifts.  So I figured why not a “First Month Down” gift instead.  By now, the kids have learned their routine, are actually getting to learn stuff besides rules, procedures and housekeeping stuff so why not now give the… Continue Reading

Super Simple Apple Pockets Dessert

This was one of the easiest, fastest desserts I have ever made. On an impulse, I bought these cinnamon apples at the grocery store. They looked really tasty and we had just eaten at Cracker Barrel earlier that weekend and I was still kicking myself for forgoing the fried apples they have there.  This was… Continue Reading

Apple Autumn Cake

  I am so excited to share this fabulous recipe for Autumn Apple Cake.  I am not sure how I even acquired this recipe but I {heart} it and I am sure you will also.  Every time I make it, the cake is a huge hit!  The pops of apple and raisins keep it fresh… Continue Reading

Apple Chips

Got Apples?   Yeah, remember we went Apple Picking a few weeks back with my parents in St. Louis?  Well we still had some Honeycrisp apples left and I wanted to give this apple chip recipe a try!   The verdict:  DEEEE-LISH-US!!!    I really hope you give this a try!  This will be something I do all year… Continue Reading

It has become a tradition to go Apple Picking at Eckert’s Orchards with my parents each year.  I have pictures of Michael and my dad in poses similar to the ones below for each year.  These pictures have also become tradition!  Last year Ryan slept the whole time.  This year he munched on an apple… Continue Reading

Apple Coleslaw

Each time I make this Apple Coleslaw Recipe, it is a HIT!  Apples not only add crunch and sweetness but you can mix up your colors of apples to add some visual appeal as well!  The dressing has honey to correspond to the sweetness of the apples without going overboard!   It is so easy… Continue Reading

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