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Apple Coleslaw

Each time I make this Apple Coleslaw Recipe, it is a HIT!  Apples not only add crunch and sweetness but you can mix up your colors of apples to add some visual appeal as well!  The dressing has honey to correspond to the sweetness of the apples without going overboard!   It is so easy and I am sure it will be a hit in your family also!


Apple Cole Slaw at

Do you love BBQ’s?  We certainly do and each time I try to mix it up a bit with the sides we have with our meats!  Why bring boring old coleslaw to the table when you can make use of the delicious apples that are in season and bring apple coleslaw?  This slaw is so delicious and is requested by my family quite often.  The subtle sweetness really gives it a fresh kick and there are plenty of add-ins that can make it your own!

Just a note:  If you do add the raisins or nuts, don’t do this until ready to serve so they do not get soggy!

Apple Cole Slaw at

What is your favorite side to bring to a BBQ?



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