Ever have an idea in your head of something you want but you can’t find it in the stores?  That happened to me and so I did what I love to do and I made a DIY Sunburst Mirror…from a candle holder!  DIY Sunburst Mirror from a Candle

That’s right, I made a sunburst mirror from a candle holder!  I am in as much love with this little mirror as I am with my DIY Chrysanthemum Clock from plastic spoons!  Isn’t she pretty?  Not only could I not find exactly what I was looking for but the ones I did fine, I refused to pay the hefty price tag on it!

Let me share how this story unfolds.  I am at Hobby Lobby.  I come across this guy right here:

photo 12

But he also carried this price tag right here:

photo 11

My goodness!  Even when the mirrors go 50% off I am still too cheap to spend $50 on it!  So I pouted a bit about it..as any normal adult would do, mumbled under my breath sulking like a champ and continued to meander through the store.  I took a chance turn down the candle holder aisle to dodge a huge pallet jack of boxes and that’s when I came across this guy right here:

Candle Holder

This cute little candle holder.  The prongs on this guy reminded me of the sunbursts on that clock and BAM!  My cart came to a screeching halt, I pulled a u-ey and booked my rear end to the aisle with all the little mirrors!  I picked up a large one (about 7”) for the center and a few bags of assorted smaller sized mirrors!  Sometimes ideas just hit me like that and if you ask me, I’ll tell you that I actually hear the word “BAM” when it does!  :)

How to Make a DIY Sunburst Mirror:

Sunburst Mirror Supplies

Supplies Needed:

  • Prongy candle holder from Hobby Lobby (the large size)
  • Large mirrors (7” – came in a 2 pack)
  • 2 packages of assorted sized small round mirrors
  • Strong adhesive
  • hot glue/glue gun (not pictured)
  • 3M Velcro Frame holder/adhesive strips (not pictured)

To start out, I just bent the prongs flat on my candle.

Flattened Candle holder
Next place your large mirror centered over the center part of the candle holder for reference.  We will adhere it later.  I used hot glue to instantly tack the small mirrors on the prongs of the candle holder.   The inspiration piece has a pattern on the size of the small mirrors…I went “crazy” and just eye balled them all hap-hazardly!  I am a rebel like that!

Mirrors Glued On
Once those were complete I turned the whole piece over and lied it face down on my table.  I then used my 9001 adhesive to then “double up” on the mirrors so they would not fall off.  Once those were dry, I used the same 9001 glue to adhere the large mirror to the center of the candle holder.

Note:  Be sure to note that if your prongs will not be totally flat so be sure to glue where ever they touch the mirror on the back to ensure a strong hold.

I let that dry overnight.

Starburst CG
I used some 3M Velcro frame hangars to adhere my DIY Sunburst Mirror to my wall.  They worked perfectly!

Sunburst Side by Side
Let’s talk numbers shall we?  Like I said, the inspiration piece was $99.  Even when they are on sale at 50% we are still looking at at least $50 for this mirror.  Here are my DIY Sunburst Mirror costs broken down!

  • Large Size Candle Holder – $7.99 on sale 50% off = $3.99
  • Large mirrors – $3.47 on sale 40% off = $2.08 (for 2)
  • 2 packages of small mirrors —  $ 2.99 each  on sale 40% off = $1.79 each so $3.59

So for $9.66 plus some glue we all have on hand already we have this awesome mirror!  And an extra larger one for another project!  I call that a win!

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  1. Kelly F.

    I think I like yours even better than Hobby Lobby’s. I love this project. Too bad the nearest craft store is a hour from where I live.

    • Well Kelly you are so sweet! Thank you! Maybe I can mail you the supplies? ;-)

    • Thanks Kim! I have my moments! {wink}

  2. Rachel

    Yeah!! I love it!

    • Thanks Rach! Kiss my babies for me!

  3. Crystal

    Awesome!! I’m so going to make this!! I love that mirror and have been looking at it for a while now. I even looked at Home Goods, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the money for it. Thanks for a cost effecient way to get a beautiful mirror!!!

    • Thanks Crystal! I hope you do make it. I am so happy with the way it turned out! Just be sure to let your glue dry completely! I got a bit impatient *surprise, surprise* and then had to re-glue it…

  4. imklvr

    Ohhhhh, girl!! You’ve done it again!! I HAVE to have this! You are totally brilliant…totally, I say!! Even if $50 were the full price of the Hobby Lobby mirror, I’d still have trouble paying half price on that! But $10? Now you’re talkin’ my language! Oh, yes, you da bom!!!! Thanks….again!!!

    • Thanks Dona! I appreciate it! I hope you are doing well!

  5. Natosha Zachary

    That is AWESOME! I wish I had a Hobby Lobby close by.

    • Thanks Natosha! Keep your eyes out…I am sure you could spot a different one that would work equally as well!

  6. Rebecca

    I agree with Kelly F., I think I like yours better!! Love it!!

    • Thanks Rebecca! {blushing}

  7. Oh my gosh, this is brilliant! I’ve seen that same mirror in Hobby Lobby, and I just kinda swoon over it as I pass over that high price tag myself. I’m definitely going to try your version here!

    • Thanks so much Ellora! I appreciate the comment!

  8. Wowza! Pretty cool! Like the price too. I’m always wondering though if things hot glued on will stay on. The things I’ve made for myself usually don’t stay glued. Maybe I’ve got the “not too hot temp” hot glue(?) :-)

    There are a lot of knock offs of this mirror. I think yours is really neat!

    (Visiting over from Knock Off Decor)

    • Connie, I used the hot glue just to tack them in place while I was working and then went back with the super 9001 to ensure a good hold. Ilet that sit overnight to dry completely {i am super impatient so this was a feat in itself!} I agree that many times my hot glue doesn’t hold either! (I too have the “low heat” kind!)

  9. PURE GENIUS! love it (:

    • Thanks Gina! {{blushing a bit}} I appreciate the nice comment!

  10. Stacey

    LOVE this. To all of you who don’t have a hobby lobby nearby–I ordered all of the items from their website. While I had to pay a little more ($15.75 including shipping) it beats the heck out of $99! I can’t wait to get the items and make the mirror for the dining room wall. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Amazing!! I absolutely love how you can do these projects for so cheap. Wanna come do some decorating at my house? Pretty please ;)

    • Deal! I am pretty sure we can make a fair trade! Miss you!

  12. Cheryl! I saw one like this at a home store and had the same sort of idea but I could not for the life of me find the small mirrors? Where did you get yours? And don’t say Hobby Lobby please… we don’t have one in Canada. :)

    • I did get them at Hobby Lobby BUT they also have them at Michael’s and you can order them online from hobby lobby!! If all else fails I can mail you some :)

  13. Summer

    how many inches was the candle holder ? 9? 12?

    • Summer it was the 9 inch size! Worked perfectly. I am sure the larger one would work as well!

  14. Amy

    Just finished my sunburst mirror and I love it! Thanks for the idea and tutorial! :)

    • Yay Amy! You are welcome!

  15. Kara

    I like yours a whole lot more than the hobby lobby one

    • Thanks Kara! I appreciate it!

  16. Angela

    I think yours looks better than the one in the store! What a great idea and a fantastic price! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Angela! I appreciate it!

  17. Rachel

    Love this so much!! Are the prongs on the candle holder easy to bend? I could see myself accidentally snapping one off.

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks so much! Yes they are easy to bend down. One of mine was a bit “loose” but not snapped off but once you secure it to the mirror back…it’s just fine!

  18. Went to hobby lobby yesterday, I wanted to do this, but the candle holders were missing prongs and they were out of little mirrors…bummer… I didn’t go to Michelson or Joan’s cause I need to ask for a ride in advance, oh well
    I’m not allowed to drive yet that sucks! I’ll try to order the stuff online, hope gather works.

    • I did buy it online! I ment michaels but got auto corrected!

  19. Went to hobby lobby yesterday, I wanted to do this, but the candle holders were missing prongs and they were out of little mirrors…bummer… I didn’t go to Michelson or Joan’s cause I need to ask for a ride in advance, oh well
    I’m not allowed to drive yet that sucks! I’ll try to order the stuff online, hope gather works.

  20. terri Baker

    I like yours better! The hobby lobby one has the black frame around the mirror, which I dont really like. I love how clean yours looks, minus the framed mirror! Awesome job!!

    • Thanks so much!!!

  21. Jennifer

    Seriously, that was such a fabulous idea, I went online immediately and bought everything needed to make this sunburst mirror! The only thing I am changing is, I bought all three sizes of the candle holders so I can layer them and have it be fuller and more three dimensional., and I’m going to paint it gold.
    Thank you for having such wonderful DIY’s!!

    • Jennifer, that sounds awesome!! Please share a picture on my Facebook wall when you complete yours!!

  22. How well did your command strips hold? I used two of the Velcro style strips but the mirror is hanging directly above my bed and I’m scared it could fall on me in the night lol — I love this tutorial!!

    • Mine are holding up awesome! IT hasn’t budged since the day I hung it up there! Just be sure to use the ones for the appropriate weight and follow the directoins on the package properly! I’m so happy you love the tutorial! Thanks so much!! xo

  23. Hi,
    I would like to know where are you located and if the supplies to make this mirror are still available and if you could ship them to RI?

  24. Nats

    I love yours and would love to try it but cant find that candle holder anywhere in Jamaica (yes Jamaica in the Caribbean). I think I can find the small mirrors… still looking because I am not paying J$15,000 (US$150) for it

  25. Angeline

    Awesome job, I would buy your version any day over the orginal. Too bad in Canada we dont have the Hobby store here.

    • Thanks Angeline. Also so sorry no Hobby Lobby’s! Hopefully soon!

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