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Washi Tape Clothespin Magnets

Do you Washi yet?  It might be my new crafting obsession.  Washi tape is a paper tape that is all cute!  It’s sticky, but not permanently-ruin-what-ever-you-stick-it-to sticky.  It’s giving, so if you mess up, you can have a re-do.  It’s colorful and kind of replaces pretty scrapbook paper and glue!  I love it.  I have a few projects that I started and will share!

First up are some Washi Tape Clothespin Magnets.  So easy and fun!

Washi Tape Clothes Pin Magnets

So start off with some Washi Tape.  I obtained mine from several different places including Target, Mindy Mae’s Market and Pick Your Plum and some from Ms. Martha Stewart herself.  OK not really from her personally…but from her line of craft goodness.  Mindy Mae’s Market has two sets for sale right now.  They are super cute!

Washi Tape Clothes Pin Magnets

Next get some clothes pins and some magnet strips.

Washi Tape Clothes Pin Magnets

Now, just apply your washi tape to the front of the clothespin.  You might need to trim it with scissors or an Xacto knife depending the the width of your tape you use.  Then I also applied a strip to the inside of the back side that faces forward…like this:

Washi Tape Clothes Pin Magnets

I love mixing the patterns and colors!  I cut one of the magnet strips (adhesive backed) in half lengthwise and applied it to the back of the clothes pin.   Wah-Lah!

Washi Tape Clothes Pin Magnets

You can use these darlings as magnets, as chip clips, stand them on end and use as photo holders or even use them for their intended reason…as clothes pins!  Just PRETTY clothes pins.

Washi Tape Clothes Pin Magnets

Washi Tape Clothes Pin Magnets

Want more Washi Projects?  Find the rest of my Washi Tape Craze projects {HERE}!

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  2. I haven’t been sucked into the world of washi tape yet but this project would go great with my girls’ art gallery so know I totally have to go to Micheals. Thanks for the great idea Cheryl! It was great to meet you at BBCSTL

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