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Valentine’s Day Soap

We still have to wash our hands even for Valentine’s Day so this Valentine’s Day Soap is perfect!  I hope you didn’t think I forgot about this holiday!  This time I used my Cameo to decorate it AND I added a bow!  I know, I am expanding my horizons!  We will see if it lasts the test of boys in my house!  I have to say though…being in a house of all boys…I am totally digging the pink…AND the bow!  Smile


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You can see all my jazzed up soaps and sanitizers if you click right –> HERE! <–


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  1. I too have a house full of boys. (If my daughter is reading this, yes, I love you, no I don’t like your brothers better than you. DUH, you SMELL better than them.) Okay, as I was saying, your cute soap dispenser would last all of 4 hours in my house. The bow would most definately be off and floating in the sink, torn, flushed down the toilet or a little red string would be hanging out of one of the beastly beagles mouths. I can hear my husband’s response to the pretty red bow, “WAIT. What? How do I wash my hands with this silky thing on it? Aw, come on now!” I give you big cheers and loud, YOU GO GIRL for trying to add things pretty in your house. I totally get it. It is very difficult being the only one in a house with a uterus. That’s why I enjoy my weekends because my daughter comes to stay with us, and we watch total mushy chick flicks and talk about everyone in the movie like we’re so much better than them.

  2. Dear Che,

    I love these soaps you make! Are you going to make them for the Fourth of July and for summer and … I hope so. I made a large hand sanitizer for the school nurse at my daughter’s high school and she loved it. The sad part is that it was done with Halloween designs and because it isn’t empty this container is still being used. I originally thought that it would be empty by Christmas but I was wrong.
    How is the packing going?


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