As Summer is dwindling down and we are getting ready to say good bye to all the wonderfully sweet and fresh fruits in this neck of the woods, I thought I would share today the Best Way to Freeze Berries for my Tuesday Tips & Tricks Post!

The Best Way to Freeze Berries at

I use frozen berries for pies, for smoothies, for desserts and ice-cream toppings and so much more and there is nothing more annoying then going to grab a few berries for a smoothie and finding a giant berry popsicle.  They are all frozen together in one giant clump.  This is the best way to freeze berries that will alleviate that annoyance!

Freezing Berries.

Spread your fresh berries out on a cookie sheet (that will fit in your freezer).  Make sure they are not touching one another.  I like to use a layer of parchment paper but I am not really sure this is necessary!

A tip on Freezing Berries at

Place in freezer and freeze at least 1 hour.

Easist Way to Freeze Berries at

Remove the partially frozen berries from the tray and place in a plastic freezer bag or container.  Immediately place back into freezer.

Freezing Beerries at

Since the berries were already individually frozen when you place them in the container they will not freeze and stick together!  Then you can easily enjoy a few frozen berries here or there or even a whole bag not in popsicle form!


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