I am the kind of person who will replace all the dishes in my cabinet with holiday ones!  Then 1 month later I will put all the boring ones back in and start again when the next holiday rolls around!  However all that festive holiday-ware can be pricey and you all know I don’t like pricey!  That’s why I am excited to show you how you can make some really cute Spider Web glasses with the help of my good friend Martha!


I have talked about my love for Martha Stewart’s paint line many times before.  Like here when I made these adorable fingerprint snowman family ornaments, or when I decided I needed a Mustache Mug to make my mornings humorous, or when I made some super awesome painted NFL Serving Dishes for Game Day!  Some of my favorite things might be the metallic paints that made my Heart Thumbprint Necklaces look like metal or the way the paint transformed this clearance lamp to an Ombre Masterpiece!  Needless to say…I love the paint.

What I also love is that the glass paints come with this awesome tips so that you can use the paint bottle as a writer.  That’s how we are going to use them today.  No paint brush needed!  Awesome right?

Supplies Needed:

  • Glasses of choice
  • Black (Beetle Black) Martha Stewart Glass Paint (opaque)


I chose martini glasses because I have an excellent drink that I want to share for our Halloween party however you can certainly do wine glasses or regular pint glasses as well.  Turn the glass upside down on a piece of newspaper.  Draw your first vertical line.


Turn the glass 180 degrees and draw another line directly across from the first line.  (Let’s refer to these as in the 12 and 6 positions of a clock) Then repeat this at the 3 and 9 positions.


Repeat adding lines in between the 4 existing (approx 2, 4, 8, and 10 positions) leaving 8 total lines.  These are the base of your web.

Next draw and arch between two of the lines and repeat all the way around the glass.


Move down 1/2 an inch or so and repeat.  Continue until your glass looks like a web.  Don’t go to the very edge of the glass though, leave some of the lines exposed.


Next I drew a line down along the stem of the glass and drew in a spider on the base of the glass so it looked like the little guy was suspended from his web!


Fill with your favorite beverage and enjoy once it is dry!   Subscribe to my emails below so you know when I post the recipe for the drink inside this glass!  {wink}  It’s Ghoulishly Delicious!


Did you know:  If you let the paint cure for 21 days, it is top rack dishwasher safe?  Yep!!  My mustache mug is still going strong through PLENTY of washes!  Yay for dishwasher safe!

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