You can scour Pinterest and find a million ways to wrap a gift.  Options really are endless.  I made the boys a “Book-a-Day Advent Calendar” this year and I wrapped each of the books to look like Santa!   They thought I was GENIUS!  This Santa Gift Wrap is so easy and sure to add festivities to under your tree!

Santa Gift Wrap at


Supplies needed:

  • Red Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Black Ribbon
  • Gold Scrapbooking Paper (mine was cardstock)
  • X-acto Knife

I simply wrapped all the books in the red gift wrap.  I used some from Hobby Lobby that was really nice and thick…it was kind of a pain for the small children’s books.  I went to Dollar Tree the day after and found red gift wrap there…I’d use that next time, lol!

I taped a piece of black ribbon in the center of the package and then cut out a buckle from the gold cardstock with my scissors and Xacto knife.

Santa Gift Wrap 3

The kids loved it!  I did too!  It’s simple yet festive!  I also love the Book A Day Advent Calendar Idea!  It’s a great way to count down to Christmas while enjoying so many Christmas books!  I picked up some of the Fun Packs from my kid’s scholastic book orders at school!  I have a mix of books for all three boys in there!

Advent Calendar Ideas at


Santa Gift Wrap 1

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