These super adorable puzzle piece necklace are a perfect gift for that special person (or persons) in your life.  They are light weight and simple to make and can be customized easily!  These would make excellent end of the year gifts between friends at school.  I’d love to show you how easy they are to whip up!!

Interlocking Puzzle Piece Necklaces. Perfect as friendship necklaces, autism awareness or mother/child necklaces!

Supplies Needed for Puzzle Piece Necklace:

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TIP:  You could also substitute the necklaces for a key ring!

Puzzle Piece Necklace Supplies

OK…let’s talk puzzles.  I picked this one up at the Dollar Tree some time ago.  I have made these super cute snowflake ornaments from this particular puzzle as well as come cute frames.  Why, oh why did I choose this design???  After I picked apart the pieces for the snowflake ornaments (that we made in Michael’s Kindergarten class as a craft (23 of them!), I was left with quite a challenge to find pieces that actually went together.  The design of a bagillion jelly beans was the worst idea ever!  So please use a fresh puzzle and pick a design you can match easily!  I just stuck with searching for pieces around the blue jelly beans because they were the fewest and stood out.  Luckily I was able to find some that fit together!


I started out by painting the pieces a metallic silver.  This is the same paint I used for my Heart Thumbprint Charms and it worked great!

Painted puzzle piece for necklace

When those were dry I simply used this “tag hole” punch.  Think of a tag on a piece of clothing…that small hole where they attach to the plastic brad…it’s that sized.  You can find them in most craft stores in the punch section.  I used a coupon one day and got mine for just a few dollars.

tag hole punch for puzzle piece necklaces jpg

Punch your puzzle pieces on one arm of the piece.  Be sure to put them together so that you don’t punch a part that fits in the middle of another piece!

Punched hole for Necklaces

Add a jump ring with a small pair of pliers.

Jump ring on puzzle Piece Necklace

String your necklace through and enjoy!  Note: If using a key ring instead of necklace, simply add the key ring inside the jump ring before you close the jump ring back up!

Puzzle PIece Necklace at

If your daughter has 4 friends that normally hang out together it’d be cute to find 4 pieces that fit together and give each girl one!  If you have a set of metal stamps, like the ones I used for my personalized washer necklaces…you can lightly tap the stamps into the puzzle piece and use the permanent marker in the same way to add initials!

Stamped Puzzle PIece Charm at

I am just loving how this puzzle piece necklace turned out!  They were so simple and fast and you could certainly make these with your kids as well!  My boys probably wont’ care about them but if you have a Girl Scout troop or are in need of a summer camp craft these would be perfect!

Linking Puzzle Piece Necklaces at

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Happy Crafting Friends!!!

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