Pillow Box Business Card Holders

When I attended Bloggy Boot Camp a few weeks back, I knew I’d be meeting a few of my favorite bloggers in real life.  I wanted to give them a little something from me!  I love surprises and thought they would also!

Pillow Box Business Card Holders1

I scored a great deal on these Kraft Pillow Boxes from Blue Ming Deals.

Flat Kraft Pillow Boxes

I knew that we’d be collecting a ton of business cards and if these girls were anything like me, they would need a place to keep them all together and accounted for!  I thought these cute boxes would be perfect!  They just needed to be jazzed up a bit!

Kraft Pillow Boxes

If you are new to my blog, then you might not know of my my current Washi Tape obsession…well I have one.  So I decided to use my favorite obsession to decorate these little boxes up!  Such an easy project!

Washi Tape Kraft Pillow Box Business Card Holders

I literally just wrapped the boxes in different color combinations of washi tape and used an Xacto knife to cut off the excess around the edges!

Kraft Pillow Box Washi Tape Business card Holders

Now I had cute boxes that could house either their business cards to hand out…or a cute box to house the business cards they received!

Pillow Box Business Card Holders

Pillow Box Business Card Holders1

(I also use these cute boxes decorated all up to house my Nest Egg Pendant Necklaces that I make)

Necklace packaging

So many uses for these cute boxes!  How would YOU use them???


And That’s What Che Said…

I’d love your vote if you have a minute!



6 Responses
  • Dana @ CraftedNiche
    May 8, 2012

    LOVE these! What a great idea. …and I spy my card in that stash! :-)

    Where do you sell your nest necklaces??

    • Cheryl
      May 8, 2012

      You spy correctly my sweet Dana! :) Currently right now I sell my necklaces as people ask me about them. A store is in the works very shortly! :)

  • Rachel (Lines Across)
    May 10, 2012

    I love your card… so cute!

  • Kelly
    May 11, 2012

    I ended up not blogging about this — in hopes that you would. YAY!! Whose brilliant??? YOU ARE. Thanks for thinking of us with these sweet washi tape boxes. They came in SUPER handy… I think I’ll tweet this :) HUGS!

  • Debbie
    May 30, 2012

    YAY! I spy me too and let me tell you, I was so stinkin’ thrilled to get one of these and so happy we got to meet :) Now if only we lived a little closer :)

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