Seriously, what food  isn’t made better by putting it in a push pop container?  Besides soup, I cannot think of one!  These Patriotic Fruit Push Pops are the perfect addition to your holiday festivities!   Mix up your fruit choices and these fruit push pops are fun the whole year long!  They are sweet, naturally and so easy on the eyes!  Adults and kids will want to have one for sure!

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Patriotic Layerd Fruit Push Pops

They say we eat with our eyes first right?  Well these are not only pretty to look at but they are functional and pretty packaging gets me every time.  I picked up these pop holders from Pick Your Plum ages ago.  Like as in years, however am just now using them for something and I am pretty sure will not stop now.   Even though I bought these a while back, I see them ALL the time on their site so if you are not already getting their daily emails, I suggest you sign right up!   They come with caps that can also be used as a stand!

Plastic push pop containers for food or crafts

Or you can grab this acrylic stand while you are there too!  They normally have both on sale at the same time.  This made filling these guys even easier and faster!

Acrylic stand to hold push pop containers

TIP:  These plastic push pop containers are reusable!  A little warm soapy water cleans them right up and for added help, a baby bottle brush works perfectly to get the corners clean if you have a stickier filling!

How to Make Patriotic Fruit Push Pops:

Start out by cutting your strawberries up into small pieces.  This is honestly the only labor in this whole recipe!

Cut strawberries into bite size pieces

Make them small bite size…as if you were cutting them for a toddler.  That way they fit nicely in the push pop container and they fill all the void spaces.

Cut strawberries for red layer of push pops

Now we will start layering.  Add a layer of strawberries.

Add Strawberries to push pop containers for first layer

Next add some whip cream.  I like the bottle one for this because of the ease.  You can certainly spoon in whipped cream from a tub as well!

Add Whip Cream on top of strawberry layer

Don’t worry if it’s not in there even or if it’s puffed up like a mountain.  The next layer of fruit will push it down!

Add Whip layer to strawberry layer

Add some blueberries.  I like to make sure there is a blueberry all along the edge of the container so it looks pretty with that blue line in there.  Of course fill the center too!

Add third layer of blueberries to push pops

Then repeat with another red, white and blue layer!

repeat all three layers to create six fruit and cream layers

Now you have some adorable Patriotic Fruit Push Pops to enjoy!

Easy Patriotic Fruit Push Pop Treats

These pop containers came with lids so if you are travelling you can pop a lid on them!

Fresh Fruit Push Up Pops Recipe

Patriotic Fresh Fruit Push Up Pops

Fresh Fruit Push Up Pops
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  • 1 cup Strawberries, cut to small bite size pieces
  • 1 cup Blueberries
  • Whip Cream
  • Push Pop Holders


  • Start by washing your strawberries and blueberries and dry well.
  • Cut strawberries into small bite size pieces
  • Layer strawberries, then whip cream, then blueberries.
  • Repeat to create 6 layers total.
  • Enjoy!


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