COLOR Outside the Lines…

This painted canvas board kind of sums up my feelings at this exact moment!  For so long we are told to color inside the lines…it’s actually used to gauge a young child’s readiness for school.  Whether or not they can master following the direction and staying INSIDE the line.  Since I have used the analytical side of my brain for SO long and then the “rules of blogging” telling me to pick a distinct niche makes me want to scream!  Why do I have to pick ONE thing?  Why can’t I do it all?  Why can’t I COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES dammit!!  So I did…and I continue to do :)  {I passed over that rebellious stage as a teenager…maybe I am finding it now?}

Color Outside the Lines Painted Canvas 1 at

Aren’t we supposed to stretch boundaries and test waters with our creativity? I thought so!

I know I talked briefly about my craft room ages ago.  I know, I know…It is pretty much complete I just need to photograph it.   Anyway, I shared my color block dresser that I am still in love with to this day!  I wanted some fun artwork to display on it and on the wall of my CREATIVE space.  I shopped around and didn’t like anything I found so I did what any DIY girl would do and I made one myself!  It was really, really simple and I am going to share how to make your own!

Color Outside the Lines Canvas at thatswhatchesaid

Supplies Needed:

  • Canvas Board (I used 8 x 10)
  • DecoArt crafter’s Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Vinyl Lettering or Letter stickers
  • White Spray Paint
  • Frame

I started off painting my canvas board in stripes of these fun colors from DecoArt’s line of Crafter’s Acrylic Paints.  My closet is color coordinated so rainbow was a sure thing for me.  You can do any colors that suit your space!  It’s hard to tell from my photo but I tried to blend the area where the two colors meet so that it wasn’t a solid straight line.  Just my preference…you can keep it straight!

Painted Canvas board Step 1

Next I cut some vinyl using my Silhouette Cameo.  I used my 8 x 10 size as my guide and mixed and matched fonts that I loved until it was perfect!


I applied the vinyl to the dry, painted canvas panel with some transfer paper making sure to get it centered!

Painted Canvas Step 2 add vinyl

Then I took it outside and applied several coats of spray paint until I could no longer see the colored stripes show through.  Be sure to do this patiently and wait for the coats to dry in between…otherwise you will have a gooey mess! Once it was dry I carefully removed the vinyl lettering!

Painted Canvas at

I found this great frame and painted it the same red I used on the panel!  3 coats did the trick on raw MDF board. {I got the frame at Michael’s for only $4 on sale!!!! –wowzers!}  I needed more red accents because here again is my color pallet for my craft room.

Craft Room Color Pallette

I love the finished product!  Not only because it’s pretty but because it reminds me what I need to do…Color Outside the Lines!

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Disclosure: I was sent paint from DecoArt but all opinions are 100% my own. You can read my full disclosure here.