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Yesterday I shared my DIY Cubby System that I am pretty much in love with.  I am planning to make about 3 or 4 more!  Want to know another thing I am in love with?  Finn…my Finish Max Paint Sprayer from Homeright.  You know every small appliance and tool that I love gets a name.  Meet Finn.

Finish Max Paint Sprayer

I’m going to start out with a confession:  I was kind-of-sorta terrified of using a sprayer.  I have no idea why?  I worked at Lowe’s in college and I worked at the returns desk and people would bring them back all the time.  They leaked, they splattered everywhere, they clogged up they were a pain to clean…the list goes on and on and I was afraid.  But I decided to put on my big girl panties and face my fear…and I am SO HAPPY I DID! 

Paint DIY Cubby System

This sprayer is awesome.  I sprayed the first coat on both cubby units in less than 15 minutes!  (no priming either!!!!)  I was also expecting a whole bunch of rules and things I had to do to get going. Not the case.  I did thin my paint per the manufacturer’s instructions and in reference to the run time chart included in the Finish Max instruction manual.  I checked the knob behind the trigger to insure it was opened all the way to “max flow” (which it already was) and finally I chose a spray angle and verified my nozzle was in the correct position.  I plugged it in and gave it a whirl!

Anatomy of a Homerright Finish Max Paint Sprayerjpg

It took a few seconds for the paint to move through and then it sprayed!  Super awesomely might I add!

I waited 2 hours between coats (paint manufacturers recommendation) and then sprayed again.  This time it was less than 15 minutes because I had my game face on and I was no longer terrified.  I was…empowered this time around :)

DIY Cubby System at

Now I was a bit concerned with clean up but I am happy to report that I had the entire thing taken apart, cleaned and drying in less than about 9 minutes.  That included stopping for a knock on the door and for a child who was having a meltdown because the dog was laying on his blanket!  Srrriously…

All in all I am thrilled to have this cute blue guy setting up shop in my garage and it’s all great and dandy to see me write about it but how about if you see it in action?  I’ll show you how awesome it is and you can get your big girl panties out of the drawer and join me in my Finish Max Club {wink}

Disclosure:  I taped this while no one else was home so I had to do the one man show = camera woman + Finish Max Vanna White + Lighting & Sound Woman + Hair/Makeup/Wardrobe.  Sad to say that last part was neglected some.  You love me regardless, right?  {wink}

Come see the Homeright Finish Max in action!

So what are you waiting for?  Get on it…get your spray on!  :)

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