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My Take on Apothecary Jars

I’ll just dive right in!  I love Apothecary jars.  Love, Love, LOVE them!  Here is my take on making your own!  Really easy to do, just time consuming because you have to wait for things to dry.

Items Needed to Make Mine:

  • (3) Glass Jars
  • (3) unfinished wooden Candle Sticks
  • (3) 4″ unfinished wooden plaques
  • (3) 3″ unfinished wooden plaques
  • (3) unfinished wooden finials
  • STRONG glue or Epoxy
  • Spraypaint

1.  Start out by removing all the price tags.  This will take you forever!  Goo Gone may also be your friend right now!  Hobby Lobby is laughing at me right now because their damn SKU tags stick like mad to that damn unfinished wood!  (Yes, I am bitter)

2.  Glue the TOP of your base plaque to the BOTTOM of your candlestick.  Let Dry.  (tick, tick, tick)

3.  Take your finial and glue it to the lid of your jar.  Let dry.  (tick, tick, tick, tick)

4.  Take Base/Candlestick in Step 2 and glue TOP of candle stick to TOP of plaque, so that the Plaque’s larger side is facing up. You now have the base for your apothacary jars.  Let dry (tick, toc, tick, toc, tick, toc)

You then have these guys:

5.  Spray paint the finished bases and the lids.  Work in light even coats and let first coat dry before reapplying.  (seriously more waiting)  Be sure to spray the top of the base well because your clear glass jar will sit on top and you won’t want to see unfinished wood there.

6.  Glue the BOTTOM of your jars onto the TOP of the bases.  Let dry.  (Might as well make a drink at this have to do more waiting!)

7.  Finally the best part!  Fill the jars!!!  Since it is almost September, and to me, September is Back to School Month…I choose to fill mine with Pencils, Jumbo Crayons and Gluesticks and bottles!

You will see these little darlings again with their bellies full with different things for the different holidays!  I already have plans for Halloween, Turkey Day and Christmas!!  Can’t wait!

Oh and someone wanted some creative credit for the contents of the jars…

I love them!  I hope you love yours as much also!

My Project Notes:

For the jars:  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.   You can do all the same size or mix and match.  I decided with (2) medium size and (1) small size.  The large size was just too tall.  You can also use regular household jars (pickles, salsa, etc)  I just preferred the width of the lids on these from Hobby Lobby

For the Candle Sticks:  Heights are your preference again.  You can go different heights or same.  I did kind of the opposite of the jars and did (2) small and (1) large.

For the Plaques:  These I found in the unfinished wood section of HL.  They are to make plaques with.  You will need a set of 3 to be your base of your candle stick and a set of 3 to be the base for your glass jar.  Your size may differ from mine depending on the jars you use.

For the Finials:  Your choice.  I only had one choice at HL and these are it!  They too are foudn in the unfinished wood section.1.

For the Glue:  I used 9001.  It reminded me of Rubber Cement and took forever to dry.  It was nice because I could center the candle sticks on the plaques but I am impatient and did I mention it took FOR-EV-ER  to dry?

For the Spraypaint:  Choose a color already in your supply or one that matches your decor.  Your choice.  I went with both of the above and chose black.  I had it and it matched!

Be sure to check out all of my DIY Apothecary Jars for each season!  I also urge you to sign up for my posts to be delivered to your inbox!  You don’t have to come to me, I’ll come to you…because I like you like that ;-)

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  2. These are so stinking cute I can’t wait to make some, I saw your post about annoying labels and I have a trick for that blast them with your hairdryer the heat warms the adhesive and they slide of like butta. Thanks for the cute idea…how to nest for less sent me :)

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  4. I love these jars that you made! It has inspired me. I have a question though. Did you use a primer first and was the spray paint glossy or matte? Thanks!

  5. Cheryl! I have been looking everywhere for the jars. I went to Hobby Lobby and found them and realized I got the wrong size. Would you mind giving me the exact measurements of your jars?

  6. gREAT TUITORIAL, PLUS SHOWING PHOTOS OF EMPTY JARS AND CANDLESTICKS AND OTHER PRODUCTS USED IS VALUABLE INFORMATION. You’re the first one that revealed it all. Thank You! These jars and the finials are perfectly matched. We don’t have a HL in our area but I know one that is about 20 miles away..Good reason to meet my dear friend for lunch and go there for these supplies. We love the Joanne’s fabrics/craft store in that area. It’s the best we’ve ever seen. We checked HL out once but didn’t take a lot of time there. This is a great excuse to go back and take my time browsing,etc. Maybe there’s something else I can’t resist! These apothecary jars sure are being shown as used for so many things and ways. Did HL have the apothecary jars too?

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