Gobble Gobble!  These hand and footprint Turkey Kids Craft are so easy and so fun to look back on year after year! For the perfect Thanksgiving kid’s activity, you need basic craft supplies  and a small little hand and foot!

Paper Turkey Kid's Activity using Hand and Footprints

My kids love to craft and this little project is so simple that they can basically do it themselves!  I, of course, will help my 2 year old but the bigger boys got this all on their own.

It’s really fun pulling these out of the fall décor bin each year and letting them compare their hand and foot prints with those of the past years!  We then line these cute guys up and down our hallway!

One is never enough so we always make several and they make perfect little works of art for you to share with grandparents or even for the kids to give the host & hostess of your Thanksgiving Celebrations!  It’s always good to show appreciation to the people who cook for you!

Make a Turkey Keepsake with Hand and Footprints

How to Make a Hand and Footprint Turkey Kid’s Craft:

  • Colored Paper or Cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick
  • Small Hands & Feet
  • Googley Eyes (optional)

Easy Paper Turkey Kids Craft Supplies

Start out by having your kids trace their foot or their shoe on the brown paper for the body of the turkey!  Help them line up their foot if you’d like to get more than 1 body out of the paper otherwise they trace it right in the middle!   Carefully cut that out! There is your turkey body.

Footprint is the perfect shape for the Body of a Turkey!

Next have them trace and cut out their hand prints using several different colors of paper for the feathers for the turkey!  (see what I said about tracing it in the middle of the paper, lol?!)

Hand and Footprint Paper Turkey Craft for Kids

Using the glue stick, glue the feathers (handprints) on the back of the body.   You an leave it as is from here or you can add a face, beak and gobbler with googley eyes and some orange and red paper scraps!

Paper Turkey Kid's Activity using Hand and Footprints

Most important, have them sign the back and put the year on it so you know who’s is whose and which year is which if you plan to make them every year!

Easy and Simple Hand and Footprints Turkey Kids Craft! Great yearly keepsake activity!

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