Today I am thrilled to show you how to make these cute numbers! Frosted Luminary Wine Bottles!!  Personalization is unlimited!  


25 Days of Christmas Banner day 9

These make great hostess gifts! It is a ton of work to host for the holidays, even just hosting out of town guests. How fun would it be to bring your “hostess with the mostess” a token of your gratitude? You can certainly do that with these cute bottles!
Items Needed:

  • Glass wine bottle with cork
  • 1 set of mini Christmas lights 20 count, white cord
  • 1 can of Krylon Frost Spray Paint
  • Scrapbooking letters (or Silhouette/Cricut if you have one)
  • Ribbon
  • knife

1. Start by removing your labels from your bottle. The best method I have found is to remove all paper or plastic labels and then soak in hot, soapy water for a few hours. I leave it in the sink and forget about them. When the water is cold, use the back of a butter knife to scrape off the goo. You can also use Goo Gone.

2. Decide what style you prefer. I did a bottle in both methods so you make a better decision! You can add stickers before you frost the bottle (Monogram S version) to leave clear glass design, or you can add stickers after you spray (JOY version) 3. If choosing to do the Monogram style, simply place your sticker on your bottle how you like. You can also do this method with whole words as well! (Snow, Cheer, Joy, Noel, etc.) IMG_9969 4. Next spray your bottles in a well ventilated area. Spray about 10-12 inches from your bottles using even strokes back and forth. IMG_9971 5. Let dry for about 5 minutes and carefully remove any of the stickers you placed before spraying. I used an Xacto knife to help me get the corner free without scratching the frosting. Remove sticker. IMG_9973 IMG_9974 6. If you choose the “sticker after” method (JOY bottle), then once your bottle is dry, sticker away!

7. To top your bottle, use a sharp knife, cut a notch out of the cork from the bottle. This is where the cord from the lights will fit out of the bottle when you put the cork back into the bottle. IMG_9993 8. Insert the lights carefully one by one. (light bulb pointed down. If you send the light bulbs in pointed up then it makes it hard to take the lights out if you need to reposition them.) IMG_9994 Bring cord out top of bottle and insert cork. Finish with ribbon bow! IMG_9995 If you choose to Monogram your bottle with your hostess’ last name initial, they can remove the bow and keep it all year round! They look great on top of your kitchen cabinets! IMG_0006 IMG_0008IMG_0007 IMG_0004   IMG_0015 P.S. It is very hard to take good pictures of a lighted up bottle when my photo conditions stink to begin with.  Just saying…

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  1. Amazing! Just beautiful. I love it!

    • Thanks Michaela! I promise they look even better in person!

    • Thanks Maureen! I will head over!

  2. amy

    Wow! Those look fantastic…what a great idea!! So glad you shared this at Shine On Fridays!

  3. These are so pretty! I am going to try this for sure!

    Found you via link party. :O)

    • Thanks Jennifer! Glad you stopped over!

    • Thanks Rhiannon, I appreciate you stopping by!

  4. imklvr

    No way! You’ve done it again! I LOVE this, too!! Sheesh. Christmas is gonna have to last 3 months at this rate! (and I’m NOT complaining!) Thanks, girl!

    • Thanks again! They look even better in person :)

  5. these look great! I’m looking for inexpensive Christmas presents… can I ask where you found the frost spray? Any craft store I’m guessing?

    I’m going to follow you for sure! :)

    • Hi Rachel, I found mine at Michael’s, however I have seen it almost everywhere that spray paint is sold!! Thanks for following along! I appreciate it!

  6. Stacie

    Very cute!

  7. sherika

    Awesome idea!! Very creative!! Your newest follower!!

  8. Trisha @ Clarion Wren

    I love this effect! The lights are so pretty under the frosted glass!

  9. Found you through the TT&J link up…These are so cute – so creative!

  10. Natasha @ Keeping The Christmas Spirit Alive, 365

    They look amazing! I have seen these before but could never make them- I wish I was as clever as you!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  11. They look so adorable what a great idea. I will follow on my way out so as I know my way back so as I can check out your clever projects. I hope you will find the time to come visit my place soon and do the same. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  12. Jen

    What a fantastic idea! Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration.

    New follower

  13. Home Style Guide

    They look fantastic – so simple (although you have great artictic flare clearly) but great results !

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  15. These look great! Question though. I looked up the frost spray paint and it says for indoor use only. I wanted to make this for luminaries for outdoors for Christmas though. Will the frost come off? I am curious as to why they say indoors only. Any guesses or suggestion?
    Thanks so much!!

    • I”m not sure Theresa. It might not work well with the cold climate? You could always give it a try. Especially if you live in milder climates.

  16. Peggy Van Asten

    Hi, I want to make the wine bottles for christmas with the word “Joy” on them. Where do you get them. Thanks

    • Hi Peggy! It was many years ago but I am almost certain I picked up the stickers at Hobby Lobby! They are just scrapbooking stickers!

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