Spangenbaby is walking, he has a whole bunch of words, he is charming and curious and happy and wonderful…and he cannot stop pushing the buttons on our DIRECTV Box, DVR and Wii!  I am sharing an inexpensive and easy hack to keep little fingers away from electronics buttons while still being able to use your remote controls!

Easist Way to Keep Little Kids Away from DVR Buttons
I don’t blame him really.  They are at exactly his height.  They light up and are pretty and who doesn’t love to push buttons?  I get it.  However sometimes while watching a show it is so annoying to have it flashing on and off like a strobe light because a baby is standing there pushing the power button!

The Easiest Way to Keep Kids away from Elecronic Buttons

You can’t always turn them around or put the boxes in drawers because you still have to be able to communicate with the remote.  Enter my hack.  All you need is some clear acrylic picture frames and some Command Strips!  I picked up the frames at the Dollar Store!

Life Hack Buttons

At first, the picture frame alone was effective.  Then as he got older, smarter and more curious, he realized he could scoot that over to the side and still press buttons.  That’s when I added the Command Strips.  I love these strips because they remove easily with no harm to my walls and now my furniture.  I out the Velcro photo ones are the best, instead of the regular sticky ones because in the case of our DVD player, we would need to move the frame from time to time.  This way I can move it and easily reattach with the Velcro!

How to Keep Kids Away from TV Buttons Life Hack - How to Keep Kids away from TV Buttons
Remove the photo frame insert and any other labels.  You can use my Easiest Way to Remove a Label method if you want a simple way to do that.  Then apply a command strip to the base of the frame.  Then place in front of the buttons on the electronics that are within little person’s reach!

Life Hack - How to Keep Kids away from TV Buttons

I’m telling you…this is awesome and the best way to keep fingers away from electronics buttons!  Now he has lost major interest in pushing them and normally will just carry on with his day.

How to Keep Kids Away from Electronics Buttons

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