Would you believe me if I told you that you could use your Silhouette cutting machine for beauty related business?  Well believe it!  I made these DIY Vinyl Nail Decals in a matter of minutes with my Silhouette CAMEO!!

Warning:  this post contains feet!  I am not particularly fond of them, nor do I love showing mine off…but read below because currently I am in love with mine! {wink}

DIY Vinyl Nail Decals at thatswhatchesaid.net.

Countdown is one friends!  36 weeks+ here and so this past weekend I went out and got a pedicure.  It felt so good.  Especially since it is REALLY hard for me to reach down to my feet these days!


Speaking of feet….I still have them AND I still have ankles!  That was NOT the case last time.  I was swollen, swollen, swollen!  That is the first reason I am in love with my feet right now!  So happy to have feet and ankles still this time around!  So I was thrilled to take an hour to myself and get a pedicure!

DIY Vinyl Nail Art at thatswhatchesaid.net

However…I love the cute designs, I don’t pay for them!  Only on extra special occasions do I get the cutesy designs and now I am so happy I passed it up because I made some myself using my Silhouette CAMEO and it couldn’t have been easier!   This is the second reason I am now in love with my feet.  Don’t worry…I am sure this foot love I have going on is just a pregnancy thing and I am sure it will pass soon :)

Supplies Needed:

  • Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait cutting machine
  • Vinyl (color of your choice)
  • Design of your choice (I used this flower here)
  • Transfer Paper
  • Clear Nail Polish (optional)

I started out by finding a cute flower design that was not too detailed!  I used this flower here and then I removed the center circle.  You could leave it if you want!  I resized them to fit my big toes!

Silhouette Cameo Bundle Delas

I used a scrap piece of vinyl that I save in a big bin.  I hate throwing it away and this project is perfect for those leftover pieces!

DIY Vinyl Nail Decals 2

I cut the shapes and then weeded the extra vinyl out and then covered with a piece of scrap transfer paper!

DIY Vinyl Nail Decals 3

Then I simply applied the vinyl to my toes as I would anything else!  I cut the designs out separately and removed the paper backing.

DIY Vinyl Nail Decals 5

Applied on my big toe, 2 flowers each.

DIY Vinyl Nail Decals 6

DIY Vinyl Nail Decals 7

Voila!  Simple as that!  You could do a clear coat of polish at this point however I did these 3 days ago with no clear nail polish and they have lasted 3 showers, a trip to the park, running errands and even being in socks and tennis shoes for walks!  If I did them on my fingers, I would probably most certainly use a clear top coat.

DIY Nail Decals with Silhouette at thatswhatchesaid.net.


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