I am sharing a super simple way to make some fun DIY Stampers that are perfect for gift tags, holiday cards, thank you notes, or to just let the kiddos have some fun!  My small people helped me make these and yours can too!  These can also be wrapped up my Santa Sack Gift bags for a fun gift for a small person or someone like me who loves paper products :)

DIY Stamp Set at thatswhatchesaid.net


Supplies Needed:

  • Wooden Pegs
  • Foam Stickers
  • Stamp Pads

DIY Stampers at thatswhatchesaid.net

I picked up the stamp pads and the foam shapes at my local Dollar Tree.  The wooden pegs I had left over from my Miniature Nativity Scene.  You can pick some up at Hobby Lobby too!

This is really easy…remove the sticker backing and stick to the bottom of the wooden pegs.  Voila!

DIY Stampers Set at thatswhatchesaid.net

I like to use the pegs versus bottle caps because the larger peg seems to be better suited for small little hands!  It keeps their fingers out of the stamp pad and gives them better control over where their stamp goes.  So if you have a little perfectionist like I do, the pegs really are worth it!

You can use any foam shapes for different seasons or even alphabet ones!  So many options!

You can use your new stampers to decorate your holiday cards!

Stamp Ideas at thatswhatchesaid.net

Or even for some DIY Gift Tags.

Stamped Gift Tags at thatswhatchesaid.net

Or just let your kids have fun!  Mine decorated some envelopes for my holiday cards…they are very festive {wink, wink}

DIY Stamper Set at thatswhatchesaid.net

If you are looking for some great place cards I’ hope you will head over to Worthing Court and check out these beautiful free place card printables that Suzy is sharing!  Every time I hop over to her site I feel like I am right at home!  She is so talented and I am so happy she is playing along with the series with me!  I know you will love her and her blog! 
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