A Chunky Chain Bracelet seems to be all the thing these days and I made my own for a fraction of store prices!  You can make your own too!  I chose Gold because this month’s Crafty Blog Hop’s theme is GOLD!  I thought the bracelet would be perfect!  I sure do hope you will stop by my sweet friends’ blogs and check out their GOLD projects!  You know what they say?  Gold is the new black!

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Here is my super duper hard, complicated and totally overwhelming tutorial to make your very own Chunky Chain Bracelet!

Chunky Chain Bracelet Tutorial at thatswhatchesaid.net

Supplies Needed:

  • Length of Chain*
  • Lobster Clasps
  • Jump Rings  (I used 10mm High Gauge)
  • Jewelry Pliers

*I found my chain in the jewelry section.  If you are planning on making more than one bracelet, I HIGHLY recommend looking in the ribbon section.  Yep, I said ribbon section.  In Hobby Lobby they have “by the yard” spools of silver, bronze, rose gold and gold chains in varying sizes for no more than $7.99 a yard.  That’s a DEAL since you only use inches for a bracelet!  You could make a necklace too!  I was only making one so I purchased the length of chain in the DIY Jewelry Aisle.

DIY Chunky Chain Bracelet Supplies

You only need 2 jump rings and 1 lobster clasp so you will have extras to make more jewelry later!

DIY Chunky Chain Bracelet tutorial at thatswhatchesaid.net

First you will want to open your jump rings.  Did you know the correct way to open jump rings?  You want to open them by twisting the opening up and down.  Do not open a circle jump ring so that it now looks like a broken oval.  That decreases the strength as well as makes it nearly impossible to close back up.  Open them like this:

Correct Way to Open a Jump Ring

On one end place a jump ring and a clasp.  On the other place only a jump ring.  Using your pliers, close the jump ring back up

DIY Chunky Chain Bracelet 4

Now you have a completed bracelet!  I told you this was SO HARD, complicated and TOTALLY TIME CONSUMING!  {wink, wink}

DIY Chunky Chain Bracelet at thatswhatchesaid.net

Here is my cost break down:

  • Chain $3.99 (on sale for 50% off)
  • Lobster Clasps $1.47 for three (on sale for 50% off)
  • 10 mm Heavy Gauge Jump Rings – 10 pieces $1.99 (on sale for 50% off)

Total cost:  $7.45 normal cost / $3.73 on sale

That is a better deal than any store I have seen!

Don’t forget to check out the other AMAZING gold projects for this month’s blog hop!  I am so lucky to have some VERY talented friends!

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