I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!  Welcome to Day 1 of “25 Days of Christmas” here on That’s What {Che} Said…  I just love the Holidays!  I am ready to share decoration ideas, handmade gift ideas, recipes for cookies and treats and holiday traditions with you.  I am so happy to have you along for the Holiday ride!

First up, a Holiday Ornament Wreath!  I love these wreaths!  They are just fun and festive and so I had to make one.  I like the idea of using things for something other than their intended purpose!

25 Days of Christmas Banner day 1

Items Needed:

  • Wire Hanger
  • ~60 plastic Ornaments in your color choice(s)
  • Bow
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • ribbon

Start by unwinding the “twist” in your wire hanger, and bend the wire into a circle shape but keeping the hook in tact like this:

Wire Hanger Wreath Form

This is an IMPORTANT step not to be skipped or you will kick yourself about half way through the process!  Remove the plastic caps of the ornaments and use hot glue to reattach them.  When the ornaments get all bunched up together on the wire, or when you want to rotate them, the tops pop off and it is a pain in the butt to try to get them back on without taking off all the ornaments already on the wire.  I may or may not have experienced this the hard way!

Once all the caps are glued, start threading them onto the wire.


Threading Ornaments onto Wire Wreath Form

Keep threading….


When I had all the ornaments on the wire I brought the ends back together

Reassembling the Wreath Form

and “re-twisted” the hanger back like it was originally.

Reassembling the Wreath Form

Carefully, I rotated the ornaments into positions I liked and made sure all the colors were spaced out well.  I tied a red glitter bow on the top to cover the hook and tied a piece of ribbon on the wreath for hanging.  I originally tried to use the hook itself to hang the wreath but this wreath is three dimensional it wouldn’t lay flat against the door.  With a longer ribbon the wreath was able to lay flat against my door and looked much better!

For the record:  Ryan got ahold of a glitter ornament and when I finally caught up with him he resembled a college boy who had just gotten home from the strip club!  He was covered in glitter!

I found my bows and my ornaments at Dollar Tree.  The ribbon, wire hanger and glue gun/glue sticks I already had on hand.  Total cost for this wreath was $9!

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