Do you want a really simple and practical gift to make and give for Father’s day?  I have just the thing for you…my BBQ Squirt Bottle.  Most dads, uncles, grandpas and the special men in our lives spend some summer time in front of a grill.  Most of the time they have a huge cup of water or a squirt bottle to help tame the flames!  Here is a fun one to fix up and personalize for your special man!

BBQ Squirt Bottle - Father's Day Gift Idea at

This started out a long time ago.  I bought the one below for my dad at the Christmas Store at my grade school.  I think I probably spent a good $2 of my hard earned money on it :)  It was an old dish soap bottle that had “Dad’s BBQ Squirt Bottle” written on it with paint markers and some flames drawn on it.  Fast forward to just last year.  MY DAD WAS STILL USING IT!  It had to be at least 25 years old!  It was an antique people!  (That just scared me that it was 25 years ago—I am not that old!)  OK so I digress…however it had seen better days so I whipped one up for my small people to give him to replace the old one.

Father's Day Gift Idea

I replaced “Dad’s” with “Papa’s” because that’s what my boys call him.  They also LOVE his BBQ so this was a fun little gift to give him.  I used a syrup bottle this time and just washed it and use my super awesome way to remove labels to get the labels to slide off like butter!

Instead of paint markers, I used my Silhouette and made a flame design and cut some vinyl using scraps I had from other silhouette projects.  I have included the cut file below so you can make some if you want as well!  Just use whatever name you prefer!

Fathers Day Gift Idea - BBQ Squirt Bottle at

BBQ Squirt Bottle - Father's Day Gift Idea at


As always the cut file is free for personal use only.  Please do not reproduce or redistribute.  Thanks for your help with this!  You might also want to check out these great Silhouette Deals going on through the end of May!

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