It’s that time again for our Monthly Craft Bloggers Blog Hop!  12 fabulous projects to check out today!  Our theme for May was “Flowers” and I am sharing this easy Blooming Monogram Door Hanging that I added to our front door in order to will Spring to get here!  It must have worked because we are now enjoying green and blooms and nicer weather!  Yay!

Flower Monogram at

OK I have a confession….This is a lot of pink for me.  When I envisioned this project, I had white flowers in my head.  However if you will notice above…my front door is white also so that surely was not going to work!  I also don’t like to pay much for my fake flowers so when I walked into Dollar Tree and saw this great selection of Pink fake flowers I had to give into the pink goodness this time!

Supplies Needed:

  • 4-5 Flower Stems (try to get a variation in sizes of flowers)
  • Wooden Letter (use your coupon at Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s or Hobby Lobby)
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks

Note:  I included these great pink little ball filler as well some some pink butterflies with my floral stems I bought!  Get creative with what’s available!

Flower Door Monogram at

First off you have to decapitate your flowers!  I know…sounds horrible but its painless!  Gently pull the flower blossoms from the stems.

Create a Door Hanging with Fake Flowers and a Wood Monogram at

Next if your blooms have the green stem on the back, snip that off as well so they sit flat on your wooden letter.

Flower Monogram Door Hanging at

Next I simply laid the flowers out on my wood monogram and arranged and rearranged them until it was full and I liked it!

Spring Door Decor at

Then I simply hot glued them onto the wooden letter in their places!

Spring Monogram Door Hanging at

To hang I just used a 3M command hook that stays on my front door year round!  You could also attach a ribbon loop and bow or use a can tab on the back!  The hanging is really light so it won’t take much to hold it up!

Blooming Monogram Door Hanging at

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Some other wreaths that I love are this Spring Berry Wreath made with non other than Dollar Tree Floral (I have a thing for inexpensive flowers I guess!)

Simple Spring Wreath at

I also love this fun summer fabric scrap wreath as well!  It’s a great project to use up some of that fabric stash you have been hoarding saving!  {wink}  I love the little flip flops!
You can see all my wreaths and door hangings here as well!

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